Mission Time In Cebu

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sister Robison called to Philippines Cebu

After the daily stalkings of the postman and a close call to him needing a restraining order, my mission call finally came on February 4th 2010. The anticipation was almost too much to handle, but I had to be strong. It was only 3:30 and I had class now. I walked around campus holding my call as if it were a precious newborn. I entered class and was still unable to remove my hands from my call. I waited, unable to remove my eyes from the clock, but finally the anticipation was to great and I ran out of class all the way home.
Once I had gathered all my roommates together, while my family was on skype and Court on speaker phone, I was ready to open my call. However, dad decided to go on a little run, so I forced my mom to get in the car and bring him back. so FINALLY, everyone was rounded up and I opened up my mission call. I think the video explains the rest....

I never would had guessed the Philippines, Cebu mission in a hundred years. I had never even heard of the obscure language Cebuano. BUT, I can testify that Cebu is the place where my Heavenly Father needs me to go. Nephi 3:7 has come to my head a lot while thinking of a mission and I know that if that's where the Lord has called me, then he will provide a way. I already have a great love for the Filipino people and I am ready to serve them with my full heart.

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