Mission Time In Cebu

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hi Family and Friends!! This week has been a little sad, my roommates and Cebuano sisters left for Cebu last night. I'm excited for them but sad for me. But its okay b/c I'm now moving in with the Cantonese sisters in my zone that I know, and their really friendly and fun. So now b/c the older cebuano district left my district are the only 6 cebuano speakers in the entire MTC, which makes it hard to speak your language. Last week in our "teaching appointment" we taught an "investiagtor" about the Book of Mormon, the spirit was sooo strong me and my two companions got a little emotional while teaching, even the investigator became teary eyed.. It was amazing that in a moq teaching situation that the spirit would be so evident, it made me excited to go out and teach real investigators.. So this week I was called as coordinating sister and my companions were called as zone leaders, so were really working on our leadership and leading by example.. My elders are doing well, we are all helping eachother with the language and everyone's testimonies are growing soo much, I learn from my companions everyday and its amazing how unified we are when we teach, the spirit is always incredible.. My teaching improves everytime and I am soo blessed to be able to develop that talent.. We have all come soo far!! We have 4 new english speaking sisters going to Rosa, California so they are really the only sisters I'm over.. This week I was really sick, Soo sick that I couldnt sleep b/c I was in soo much pain, kinda made me mad b/c we had a substitue in class that day and since I started to fall asleep he made me walk around the class ten times before I could sit down.. but I am better now and noone else around me got sick.. THANK GOODNESS!! My elders think they are invincible.. We got some new elders in our zone going to south africa,I hang out with them a lot at meals and firesides, they are super fun, but one got sent home.. I dont know why but he seemed really depressed yesterday and ended up being sent home.. Also, another one of our older english elders got sent home b/c his surgery on his leg didnt help and hes in a lot of pain.. Its sad b/c he is 25 and probably wont be able to come back, his name is Elder Harper, pray for him.. In gym I have been working on my volleyball skills and my arms have been super bruised for the past 3 days.. I see Ted all the time, we have the same eating schedule so I see him everyday, it really fun.. My friend is teaching Nate Eck so I should see him when he comes in tomorrow, our classes are in the same building.. Mom I got your package, Thanks!!! But this it important I need you to send me my immunization records ASAP! Plus I need sweat pants, Dan, Rebecca's, Josh Beck's, and Matt Stapely's addresses, if you could get in touch with them through facebook or something and then write me on Dear Elder.. Well I don't have much time, but I love all your letters and they mean a lot to me.. Nahigugma ko kanimo!!! Sister Robison

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MTC Second Week

Kumusta Family and Friends!!!!

Thank you for all the letters, they make my day. We live off letters here at the MTC and it means a lot to me that people are thinking of me outside these walls.

So this week was definitely an absent minded week for me. Lots of funny experiences. So I usually wake up at 5:45 am to go running and when I walk in the bathroom I am usually half asleep, trying to have my eyes adjust to the light. Well one moning I threw open one of the stall doors and found a poor sister screaming on the toilet....haha...poor girl was exposed to everyone in the bathroom, well that one woke me up. Same day I was walking out of the bathroom while talking to these two sisters and while I was saying ayo ayo (goodbye) I walked into the door, face first. They laughed a lot and my Elders thought it was hilarious. A couple days later in class I snorted while laughing and trying to pronounce the nga sound which is a sound you have to make in the back of your throat, once again my Elders thought it was hilarious. Also, Ive had two Elders hit on me. You would think that, us sisters would be safe from that in the mtc, but one elder in my branch asked me for my first name, i asked why and he said some awkward thing about going on a lunch date. Another elder came up to me in the cafeteria and said that some Elders had been checking me out. I saw all his friends laughing and rolled me eyes and walked away in the middle of his sentence. He stood there looking like an idiot. I told me elders and they wanted to tell him off. He's lucky he encountered the new and improved sister robison or I would have chewed him out. But i am trying to be above that now...haha.

So Thursday we had our first TRC. Thats when people come and volunteer, and we teach and speak Cebuano to them. It was really hard but they said it was some of the best language skills they've seen. We had thought we failed b/c they kept laughing and whispering at us in cebuano but apparently they were just trying to act like Filipinos, great. This week we have to talk about families and bear our testimonies in cebuano about families, pray and make an appointment. Im kinda nervous but its still way fun!! The language is coming along, still stressful but I'm working really hard, I memorized 100 vocab in 3 days and I'm able to make my own rough sentences now. I say all my prayers in cebuano, which kind of limits me on what I can say...haha. but its fun!

Sunday was crazy, one of my roommate sisters woke us up in the middle of the night b/c she had some pains in her stomach and back, we thought it was just bad gas, b/c thats what everyone had here...haha. ended up being kidney stones and she had to go to the ER. Then during the day I was lost. I went to the bathroom came out and my Elders were gone!! I was soo confused b/c they are usually soo good at keeping track of my but they were nowhere to be seen. So luckily I found a sister I knew in my zone and went to their sacrament. But, apparently the Bishop wanted me to give the talk in our sacrament and everyone noticed I was gone so there was a big search party for me. Some elders were afraid I was kidnapped, so two sisters and my elders missed sacrament to look for me. while I was totally fine enjoying another sacrament. haha. I felt bad, I found them afterwards and the whole district presidency and branch was relieved I was okay. oops!! Lets just say my Elders are extra careful now. I felt bad though b/c they kinda got a bad rap even though they treat me soo well. They are soo good at opening doors for me and taking my food tray I barely ever have to lift a finger here.

By the way I saw David I mean Elder Arrowchis....FINALLY!! I was looking for him everywhere, were not in the same schedule so its hard. And my friend is going to be teaching Nate Eck and so I know what room he is in (were gonna be in the same building) so im gonna be able to find him when he comes.

Some cool things are happening at the MTC. We get to clean the provo temple June 30th so that will be cool and Robert D. Hales spoke to us last week. Were going to have a lot of apostoles because its mission presidents week coming up. My sisters I room with leave for Cebu in 6 days!! Im gonna miss them and be even more of a loner sister.

Well...I miss all of you, I am working hard and I see myself progress everyday, it is amazing how much I am growing to know my Savior and Father in Heaven. I am losing my spelling and english skills, sorry if some cebuano words are snuck in there, its only gonna get worse. But I love the language, its hard and stressful but way fun. Its really been a leap of faith trusting the Lord that one days I will be able to speak and competely understand. Gugma ko kanimo!!!!

Sister Robison

MTC District

My District!!! 7B

Left to Right
Elder Striland (companion), Elder Shenk, Sister Robison, Elder Allen, Elder Scupule, Elder Johnson (companion)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MTC First Week

Hi Family and Friends!!!!
There is sooo much to tell and soo little time. I recommend that you send me letters during the week through dearelder.com and I will email you back on my Wednesday P-days so that I can write you as much as possible I only have 30 minutes. I would love to hear from any friends from that too. If you could get Chelsea, Janet, Rebecca's, and Lauren's addresses that would be great. I love your letters Mom, they definitely got me through this week. I wanna hear all about Janet staying at our house and Lauren's wedding. Thats awesome Brooke got first place....GOOD FOR HER!!

I LOVE the MTC!! The spirit is incredible, I already feel soo much closer to my Savior and I feel like a changed person. I have never felt sooo close to the veil I feel the spirit constantly, I want to cry when I think of all the time I've waisted doing other things rather than studying my scriptures and reading Preach My Gospel. At First the MTC was difficult, harder than anything I have ever had to do. People told me it was going to be hard but I never expected how hard it was actually going to be. I felt unworthy, unprepared and inadequate. I doubted if I could really serve a mission. It was a strong trial of my Faith. I have really had to turn to the Lord and put my full faith and trust in him. IIts amazing how much we learn in the MTC, I swear one week is worth a full year.

I have two companions one is 6' 3" blonde and loves wrestling and the other one is a little bit hairier than you would expect. They are both from Highland Utah and went to highschool together, but didn't know eachother. In case you are confused my companions are Elders. haha. I am what you would call a solo sister. My companions are two elders in my district that I do everything with unless I am in the dorms at night and in the morning. Their names are Elder Johnson and Elder Stirland and they love the movies Hot Rod and Nacho Libre which we quote all day. (don't worry we still get a lot done) I love the sisters, I room with, they are in the older Cebuano district and there are four of them. They speak Cebuano in their sleep, which is funny and strange to hear at night. Cebuano is quickly coming along, I already know how to bear my testimony and have simple conversations. Apparently it is a lot harder than Spanish though, Its a level 4 out of 5 while Spanish is only a level 2. Its stressful and it is rare for me to not be practicing Cebuano in my head at all times. I feel guilty if I'm not, but I am slowling chilling out and letting my brain rest from the constant gymnastics its having to do all day. My brain has been hurting a lot from all the studying!!!

The Food is really good, and I am constantly stopping myself from eating too much, refuse to gain weight. Its hard being around only Elders all day because they eat whatever they want. Mom, Elder Winmill is my Zone Leader, I eat with him a lot and see him all day b/c he is in the classroom next to me. He is really, nice and friendly, his Mom told the truth.
My district is awesome. There are six of us. 5 Elders and me. One Elder is from Somoa, I will send pictures soon!! I will tell you more but I am out of time.

For my package could you send me a family picture? and any other pictures? I also left a shirt I think in the car, its blue and white designed, and underwear. Also I have been telling my district about your scotcheroos and they would love them too!!

Thanks!! Nasayud ko nga tinuod ang simbahan!!!!!! Ug Gugma ka ka nimo!!!! (I know the church is true!!! and My love to you!!!

Sister Robison

Monday, June 7, 2010

First Stop - MTC

June 2nd - The day finally arrived and Cari couldn't have been more ready and prepared. Of course there were tearful goodbyes, but we all are so proud of her. We can't wait to hear about all her experiences and adventures.

I'm Official!

(Ok, so this is Cari's mom now. I will be the one updating her blog now that she is in the MTC)

On Sunday May 30th at 5:00pm our family met our Stake President at the Cannon Center at BYU. Pres. Davis just happened to be in Provo that weekend and we were there to visit friends and extended family before Cari went into the MTC, so it worked out really well. Pres. Davis talked with us for about an hour it was a wonderful experience. Cari's setting apart blessing was special and totally fit her. So, now she is officially a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.