Mission Time In Cebu

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Musta...from Bogo...

By the way for a package can you send 3 of the small book of mormons really handy for me and my companions backs. much lighter. They are like the really mini ones. Also if you could burn maybe the prince of egypt cd or something music is such a blessing here in the mission and I would really appreciate more music. It can be like prince of egypt that is allowed or more EFY anything that isn't romantic or loud or entertaining lang.

Well this week has been super hard and very amazing also. The day before transfers I got to see Marlon and Jenalyn be baptized...what a special experience. The spirit was sooo strong and they were just glowing, I am blessed to have very strong converts. S. Mamming and her family (the family that are in most of the pictures) kept hugging me and squeezing me like she wasn't ever going to let go. S. Delilah cried and I lost it a couple times saying goodbye. It was probably one of the hardest goodbyes I have ever had to make. B/C who knows when we will see each other ever again. I think about them allll the time, but I am ready for the challenge in Bogo and E. Allen is in my district which is really fun.

Yes Bogo is way more remote. Actually breathe taking at some points. The drive was about 3 hours by bus...a lot along the coast and everyday I am hiking. I love it!!! I am the first american sister here ever so I sort of feel like a celebrity b/c everyone is soo excited to see and talk to me...just walking here I had a man yell "sister you are soo beautiful your eyes just sparkle when you always smile." haha. We have a lot of new investigators just b/c I am american. The area is very challenging though. Lots of problems, and I mean lots! but I am up for the challenge. I know it will be another miracle area.

None of us have seen Elder Johnson we were wondering if he is still alive...E. Allen and I were talking about him the other day and said if anyone could handle his challenges its him, you can pass that along to him. I know he has had a very hard mission. But, I'm glad he is being obedient I've been lucky with very obedient companions soo no worries. Speaking of my companions I am blessed with another very amazing companion...we laugh a lot and since we are the only two sisters in the zone we laugh a lot at our Elders. We had a district CSP (community service project) we were building a house and it was funny to see the Elders trying to crack these rocks.

I like scott's morph suit. I need pictures everyone keeps asking for them, and taking the ones I already have...my favorite thing is pictures. I had a woman the other day that really really wants me to marry her son. She kept begging me and said she would come to church if I would sit by her son....haha then I found out he is only 12 years old....haha. So our mode of transportation is a motorcycle with a box car on the side...sooo fun! I love it! Its funny to see our district leader E. Hardin ride in it b/c he is 6'5" haha barely fits. You would all just love my area...it is gorgeous and there is a ocean breeze always soo its not as hott. I just feel like I am on the biggest adventure of my life, I LOVE it!! I don't think I can ever go home...even though I miss you all soo much...but it breaks my heart thinking about leaving this place ever. E. Allen told me I have less than a year left and I was soo sad. But its okay no regrets yet. Love you all!!!!! Send my best wishes to everyone. The church is true.



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Off To Bogo I Go!!!

So yes I am finally being transferred-BOGO. I'm not sure my feelings, of course my adventurous side was just itching to transfer and is soo excited. But my sentimental side is really having a hard time. But at least Bogo sounds pretty awesome, it is the northern part of Cebu, pretty rural, lots of sugar cane and corn field and white sand beaches-very different from Mabolo. But, I am going to miss my companion and especially my people here in Mabolo. Mabolo is my little miracle area and its soo hard to leave. People have just been saying the nicest things and I know I will always be in their heart. I haven't told them yet I'm transferring, I'm sure its going to be super sad. I love them soo much, but I feel that I have done everything I can for Mabolo, put in my heart and soul and I know it is progressing now. Sister Brand (the girl that emailed you) is replacing me. S. Falculan is training. The baptism is tomorrow...and I'm soo excited!!!

Mom I am soo proud of you about your efforts. I have learned never ever be afraid to share the Gospel. I gave a talk last Sunday on the canary with gray on his wings. I have learned although we are all so imperfect gyud the Lord makes us worthy in our callings. And he even called unlearned fisherman to be his prophets. So we should never be afraid b/c this is the most important, rewarding, beautiful work there is. I will never be afraid again. Referrals our the best way to help the missionaries and the work of the lord. If we let our fears get in the way then we are thinking of ourselves and not the Lord.

I'm glad you got my pictures. By the way those little kids are probably some of my favorite kids ever. I am their giant jungle gym and I have soo much fun. haha. sometimes I have too much fun. Oops missionary conduct..haha. The little boy in the blue is PonPon. His mom told them that I would not be coming back-just joking and he ran over to the door and slammed is shut and blocked the entire door with his body so I could not leave...haha. sooo funny.

Wow I really don't want to leave Mabolo, before I wanted to explore the Philippines soo badly and travel but now its really about the people for me and I decided wow I really hate transfers. But I trust in the Lord and his purpose for me. At first I didn't want to be in Mabolo and was counting the days before transfers...but now I don't want to leave!. Delilah and her wedding are progressing by the way, we have been finding creative ways to help her earn money...shes been sewing our skirts for us..haha. After this experience I will never doubt the Lord and his revelation for me. I know he has such a plan for me to follow and I already have made soo many eternal friends and have watched such miracles happen. I know if we trust in the Lord all is possible and there is no reason to doubt or fear. Continue to share the Gospel with everyone...that is the most valuable way we can show our love to our Heavenly Father by helping his children. We have been committing everyone to prayerfully prepare a friend or family member for the missionaries to share with them next week. I know many blessing will come from it for everyone. So I want to commit you all to do the same, the blessings are far greater than we can imagine. Love you all!!!


Oh by the way my favorite ward member wants to come to America and marry uncle Rod....hahahahaha.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last Week Before Transfers

So Everything is GOOD!!!! Maayo Kaayo...haha. Don't be curious the story isn't that interesting anymore. BUT, I should have wrote this last week, but I was soo frazzled about everything I forgot.

So Mabolo area is literally a miracle area, I can't believe how blessed I am to serve in this area which I love soo much now. I remember how much I used to hate it, and I just wanted to be in the mountains or on the beach like most of the missionaries, but I am even more lucky b/c this area is such an amazing miracle. We have been working SOOO HARD!! Mission President probably gave us one of the best compliments I could think of. He said that our area has progressed the most since our companionship then he has seen in the whole mission. Through sacrifice and hard work I have been able to experience this blessing.

We had 13 investigators at church on Sunday...WOW :) and 4 of them were teenage boys that were friends with Zaldy. They want to be baptized as soon as they give up drinking and smoking. (they've progressed a lot on that:) ) they are fun to teach too. We also finally got a mother to go to church and she hasn't been in maybe 10 years or longer. Hopefully finally her three kids can be baptized soon!!! We should have 2 more baptisms on January 20th...husband and wife!!! They have two little kids and I love them, we have been worried about them but finally!!! So will probably have experienced 9 baptisms before I transfer next week. What a miracle..huh? Before there has only been 2 in an entire year!! Blessing from hard work and sacrifice from us and the previous missionaries.

I'm a little worried about transfers but I have learned to trust in the Lord and wherever he puts me. No area is hard if you have the right attitude. Soo no worries, even though I was down last week, I am happy again. Actually we found out everything was going to be fine the day I emailed you but I couldn't re email. Oh by the way we moved apartments again. We are finally close to our area. So so far I have been in only one area and three different apartments...haha.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Your letter almost made me cry. This week has been very difficult. I have been singing the hymn "Count Your Blessings" all week.

We only had two baptisms on Saturday. Actually I was super depressed before and then I remembered I am soo ungrateful b/c the Lord gave us 2 baptisms!! and they were absolutely amazing!! Zaldy and Vanessa one of the children. Zaldy is just soo amazing and was glowing. And Vanessa's Grandpa who has been inactive for about 20 years returned to church. He even got a haircut before. The Grandma's testimony was absolutely beautiful and people were in tears. She has been going to church alone for soo long and now two of her loved ones have joined her in God's church. It was such a sweet spirit. The two other Grandchildren were facing a lot of persecution from their parents or something and their spirit has totally changed. They used to be our friends and now they won't even look at us. absolutely heartbreaking. Plus, all of our investigators are having problems right now. But, once again I have sooo much to be grateful for...Marlon and Jenalyn should be baptized on January 20th a day before transfers. And I've been planning a lot of activities for the ward to get them involved like a ward CSP, ward talent show, and missionary fireside. They were all excited about it.

Lots of our investigators are sick or facing persecutions so please pray for them. By the way Delilah's live in partner went to church!!! She bore a beautiful testimony during sacrament meeting lots of tears and the ward members were touched.

Mom and Dad this has been a very hard week lots of heart aches, and I need your prayers same with S. Falculan. I won't write anything negative. I'm just dealing with it. Don't be worried b/c it will all be resolved soon. We just need support from home.

HAHA...by the way I totally forgot I wrote that stuff...oops. hahaha. I will be nicer now when I come home...hopefully. I still tease the Elders soo maybe not. I'm glad Dan and everyone got my letters, just tell him to email me. I need lots of love now. And I love how Chelsea emails you about her mission and not me, tell her thanks a lot...haha.

So this week is hard but I can't help feeling grateful. So don't worry I really will be okay. A mission wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't hard right? I really have learned soooo much and am really overcoming weaknesses and really feel close to my Heavenly Father right now. Love you all soo much!!!