Mission Time In Cebu

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 12 in Mobolo

SOOO MUCH happened this week!! Most exciting, Sister Erwina's baptism
and and afterward S. Person's bday!!! It was an amazing day....lots
of investigators showed up and she was glowing with happiness. One of
our Elders Baptized her, Elder Haitt. She is soo happy and has found
soo much light and hope from the Gospel. Afterward we had a Filipino
Birthday feast for S. Person's bday...and we found a new claro kaayo
investigator, neighbor of S. Erwina. We taught her this week, I think
its her time to be baptized but her life is tough...pray for her, her
name is Delia. and she feels no love from her kids...sometimes she has
no food, but she feels a special comfort from the church and at the
baptism she said she wishes that was her. Mabolo is growing sooo
strong, we have been working sooooo hard!!!! We have lots of new
investigators and very little time...haha. AMAZING! S. Person will be
transferred to Negros this Friday...sad gyud!! Pero, I get a new
companion S. Facualan-visayan Filipino!! Devao shes from. Sorry my
english is getting really bad. haha So I will be leading the area this
transfer, scary but exciting. S. Person has me making all the
decisions now and she said she really feels like I am being guided by
the spirit. Its true I just feel this guidance always now, about who
to talk to and where to go...truly amazing.

On Monday we had our district meeting. SOOO sad. Elder Clark and Elder
Holt are going home....their two years are up! They were great
leaders, S. Person and I made them candy lays and sang Love at home
mixed with tongan and then aloha oe...they have a video of it.
EMBARRASSING! But everyone loved it...i thought they would think it was
cheesy haha. I've been having a super spiritual week, and we had a
lesson about Mothers in relief society...I cries and I mean CRIED the
whole time. I really know mom that I am who I am today b/c of you and
your amazing example for me. I miss you sooo much!! and I am usually
soo busy I didn't realize how much, so thank you...for reals. My heart
just feels like its going to explode kanunay as I grow in love for
these people, my family and God, the gospel...I didn't know it was
possible to feel soo much love. I have become such a cry baby lately
in lessons and while testifying b/c everything is sooo real to me now,
my eyes feel like they are finally open. I took newly baptized S. Alma
on splits and to hear a new convert testify... is amazing, and one
month ago she had no idea about this truth. She wrote S. Person and me
notes. I just love her soo much and can feel her love for us.

So Mabolo is sooo crazy...Elections sa barungay this week. Sis. Person
and I were teaching brother Ryan and s. Gloria and these drunk men got
into a fight right next to us. They slammed a whole bench across a
wall and were screaming I'm going to drink your blood to each other and
we heard what sounded like gun shots..ahh. We went home right after.
Poor Ryan (he has tried to commit suicide) and just always looks soo
hopeless...I am worried for him.

S. Diosy one of our investigators loves to cook for us, and yes her
food is delicious. But one time we saw her preparing it and she used
the water from the bathroom!!! haha...same water they shower with and
stuff....shes going to kill us! haha.

So mom I live right by the mission ofice, I go there all the time so I
can always get my stuff as soon as it gets there...pretty lucky! Elder
Johnson has a new companion...he only had that bad one for one
transfer...I heard he is super nice (the new one) so he is doing

Oh by the way Sister Erwina's younger sister went to her baptism, she
is only 18 and has a child also, like S. Erwina. She is such an
amazing investigator, like her sister. We told her to start to read
the Book of Mormon and next visit. I asked her if she read and she
said only a little and I asked what she read and she said the
introduction the three witnesses testimony and testimony of Joseph
Smith and I'm like that is not gamay!! and then she said she felt
inspired when she read it!! Only problem is I don't think she is
married to her live in partner so I don't think she can be baptised
for awhile!!. By the way I have a ton of pictures...I'll put them on a
CD and send them next week! Love you all I appreciate your support
and love always!!!

Love, Cari

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!

So on this typhoon craze...no typhoon but CRAZY heavy rain!!! I have NEVER seen rain like this, S. Person forgot her umbrella yesterday and we were SOAKED!! That little umbrella cannot cover the both of us...haha. Rivers everywhere on the streets, and you never know what is lurking in the water....haha.

I havent seen any nativities but there are some very famous sweet belts if scotty and dad want one. They would be starting a new fashion craze.

So our district activity was super fun!! I love and am going to miss a lot of them at transfers next week. I'm pretty sure I am staying but I think S. Person and a lot of them are gone.

Elder Cook, was amazing!! I got to see Elder Stirland and Elder Shenck...both doing well. Elder Cook is truly amazing had some really intense things to say about the Philippines, how it is really a choice country and amazing things are going to happen here and in the rest of the world b/c of the church here. Amazing things that I will be able to see in my life time. I got to shake his hand and you could just feel the power of the spirit... AMAZING GYUD! He told a funny story that he was acting out something to his little grandchild on the floor and his grandson just looked at him in the weirdest way, and at the end of FHE he came up to him and said...Grandpa, why do you cut your hair that way?? haha...he said it was the first time he could probably see the top of his head. haha crazy though, he really made it seem like THIS is the last days, there is no time to waste.

At interviews Pres. Hansen said that we are the only barrier between these people and fire and that time is not a luxury we have anymore. He was super serious, it was a little stressful....especially b/c S. Person got super sick this week so we didn't work Sunday or Monday. I feel soo bad, but she is a little better now...what a trooper. My body feels very very weak, also its really hard for me to work also, but were pushing through it and are stronger b/c of it.

It's S. Person's Bday week so E. Clack (district leader) bought her a cake and we had a little birthday celebration. S. Erwina is getting baptized on her Birthday and the Elders are baptizing her b/c we have NO men in our ward hardly haha. So were gonna have another Birthday celebration afterwards Filipino style- pancit, spaghetti, hot dogs and marshmallows...im always excited for food!! By the way Korean food is sooo GOOD!! Went to a korean restaruant, finally had some sushi...soo good!

We had a very spiritual lesson with S. Erwina...the Gospel really does bring hope to the hopeless. She feels soo much light and love from the Gospel for her and her baby. I love her SOOO much!! We were all in tears that lesson, she is wonderful!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these people and the Philippines, and I know Mom would love it too...It is a different planet, but beautiful and amazing. Mom should want to come here...Its hot, but its beautiful and soo much fun!!! I am soo honored to serve here, I can feel that it is really an honor to serve here, and this small little humble country will change the world.

I haven't gotten your package yet, but I am excited...S. Erwina and S. Alma will be confirmed this Sunday!! Yay!! two baptisms!!! With two super amazing converts!! The Gospel changes lives, FOR REALS!! I love you and appreciate your emails and love always.

oh by the way HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I should have done it earlier but I'm sending you a letter :)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mission Paspas (Going Too Fast!)

I cannot believe I only have two weeks left of my second transfer!! Ahh! I think I am staying in the area, but I think I will get a new companion. We have a district activity today-BOWLING. Exciting...haha.

So I LOVED conference. These past couple weeks my testimony has strengthened soooo much testifying of the Prophet and inviting everyone, and I mean everyone I meet to conference!! We had to pick up 4 people for conference and wow was that an adventure. One area flooded that night so we had to walk through ankle deep mud four times!! Welcome to the Philippines. But we got them all there and they really enjoyed it.

We have two scheduled Baptisms for the 23rd, S. Erwina and B. Jesus. S. Erwina is very promising but I don't know about brother Jesus. He is a security guard who lives on a bench. One of our fellowshippers was excited to meet him b/c they are the same age and there are hardly any men in our ward, so she came with us to teach him. then she asked him where his house was and he pointed to the bench. Well lets just say we will not be seeing a temple marriage from the two of them next year. haha. Poor Brother Jesus, he doesnt really have a friend in the ward yet, so I just stick with him and try to talk to him. But well see what happens with him.

Oh so I found a new food I really like, its called silingog or something maybe not. But it is the Pigs face, like his ears, and everything cut up into little pieces with rice...its is absolutely Lami!! (delicious).

Friday S. Person and I were doing our weekly planning and the Zone Leaders just showed up a our door and said mission President wants to talk to you right after planning. We were soo scared! We're like what could we had done? We thought of all the possibilities from good to horrible...and it was the most nerve racking jeepney ride I had ever had, and then we found out Sister Person just needed to pick up her money her mom sent. Walay claro!! I was soo mad at them, couldnt they just tell us that?? haha.

Thursday we had another temple tour, it was fun! The woman is E. Nicoletta and Hiatts investigator who is also getting baptized on the 23rd. Exciting!! She really enjoyed the temple and afterwards the AP's treated us to dinner at the Patron house.

Monday we got to work in the Bukids (mountains) in the ZL's area. Soo fun we got to ride on a motorcycle again!! I love it!! So we had to work with this fellowshipper b/c the elders can't work with a woman. And she wore S. Person and me out! She doesn't have a job or anything. She dedicates her life as an unofficial missionary for the church...haha. So we taught 5 lessons one after the other in a row... our brains were sooo worn out!!! haha. But the mountains were beautiful. Some times the beauty of the Philippines just takes my breath away.

Elder Cook is tomorrow, I will tell you more about that! I don't have very much time....but I just wanted you to know I cried through out all of E. Hollands talk. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! for supporting me and letting me have this most amazing experience of my life!!! I love you with all my heart and will write more in a letter but I thank god all the time for my family. Testifying about Eternal Families all day really has made our relationship soo much more sacred and special to me, and although I am across the world, my love has grown for all of you 10 fold.

Aunt Peggy- I got your letter and it made my day!!! Your support means the world to me and I love you sooo much!!! Thank you!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

First Baptism

So in The Philippines we get to watch conference a week late...haha!!! So thanks for spoiling the news, Mom, about the temple...haha! Its okay, I am sooo excited, we brought S. Alma to watch the GRS Broadcast and it was AMAZING, her first time seeing the Prophet!! She loved it. I was brought to tears when we sang with the choir during the intermediate hymn. TO see that the Church is actually the same all over the World and to feel soo connected with everyone was such an amazing experience.

So S. Alma's baptism-AMAZING!! S. Person and I sang love at home in Tongan, it sounded super cool actually. It took 3 times to get her baptism right, B. Sevilla is a new convert and was very nervous, but it just made the baptism all the more sweet. Afterwards in the bathroom I asked S. Alma how she was feeling and she said "I AM SOO HAPPY" (in english...haha) so cute, I was soo happy for her. Then we walked her to the jeepney and it was just soo amazing...how truly great is your joy when you bring souls into the gospel. The next day she was supposed to get confirmed but she didn't show up at church. There is a very long story but her boss is really mad at the Mormons and wouldn't give her permission to go to church. Soo sad, but she is faithful and going strong, when we take her to GC this Sunday I told her we would open the day with a fast so she could make a decision whether or not to quit her job. Pray for her it is a very difficult situation, and very complicated. She is still soo happy to be a member of the church and is continuing to read and pray. I just love her!

As for conference we have many investigators coming, I am sooo excited!!! Oh by the way we have 3 investigators with Baptismal dates. One is super ready, S. Erwina who I found my second week, I don't know if you remember the story...she is super excited, her baptism is scheduled for the 23rd this month. Its truly amazing since Mabolo has seen few baptisms and this month there is 2 maybe 3!! and next month there should be more!!! S. Erwina is a single mother from a broken family and has found happiness and hope from the Gospel. I found her when I was on splits and we opened up with a hymn while we were teaching her neighbors (less active) "Families can be together forever" she found me afterward and in tears asked me about the hymn and I made a return appointment. I just love her, too! We took her to the temple tour that we now have every Thursday and she was soo touched and excited to enter the temple someday. Amazing spirit!!

So yes we are doing temple tours now every Thursday, its amazing to be in the city actually. We had one last Thursday though that kind of bombed, it was in the morning and 70 engineering students from Bohol were touring the temple to see how it worked, and we missionaries were in charge of the spiritual aspect. Well that FAILED huge! I tried to talk to them about the temple (all boys) and they only wanted to know if I had a boy friend and then asked me to get married after the mission, well lets just say my face turned bright red and I went and hid behind the elders. haha.

So I have been trying to wait to say this news but it is just too exciting!! Elder Cook is speaking to us on Oct. 14 but only 3 zones near the city and we are one of them!!! We all get the privilege of shaking his hand and talking to him!! AHHH!! I cant wait!!!

Oh yes Mom...I love the Food, I ate belut again!! I just love it!! Dont think I'm weird, it was fried this time and I think like 18 days old, feathers, beak head-delicious kaayoo!! haha. There are soo many foods I love, just about everything. The bread, there are bakeries just about every other shop, and people are always frying and barbecuing on the street there is just food everywhere and tindahans (little stores on every corner) don't worry I'm good for clothes, we have two malls in our area, and the spiders and slugs have disappeared. I have a shower now, which is freezing, I really don't like showering...but dont worry I still do it-everyday!! haha. Oh we experience a lot of brown outs, thats when the whole city loses power...happens often, those are fun.

So you probably always love to hear about our crazy investigators. We found one B. Marshall...severely on drugs...haha. S. Person gave him some of her food b/c he has no money since he has noo job. And he was just spitting on me the whole time while he talked....crumbs all over...soo gross. I was squatting (my legs are getting really strong...haha) b/c he had no chairs except for two and S. Person and our Ward member sat on the chairs. He was confessing about all the drugs he uses and we taught him about the word of wisdom..haha. Another Investigator, B. Donatu devoted seventh day Adventist. Oh he TRIES my patience. He is always preaching to us...I barely get a word in. And he was talking about the Sabbath being on Saturday blah blah blah. And I was like okay I have the perfect scripture Amos 20:7 about the apostles taking the sacrament on the First day. It was perfect, I was like I totally have him! So I asked him if he could read it, and he read from his own bible and he reads "and the apostles broke bread on the sabbath which is saturday" HAHA I'm like "WHAT?" haha his version is like written for his religion, he totally got me there haha. He is really hard to teach though you tell him something and he raises his hand in front of you and says "DILI DILI!" (NO! NO!) and shakes his hand, oh I just want to break it off sometimes...haha. But God is trying to teach me patience i know. PLus we teach him in the hottest room ever with no fan. Our teaching situations are funny we are usually squatting or crammed in a little area, never like in other countries where you sit on a couch in a living room...haha. no that never happens.

Also, I'm reading the Old Testament, its weird, haha, I am trying to love it but it has soo many weird things...happen. But I love being a missionary, S. Person is amazing. I have learned soo much from her. We are really trying to perfect our companionship and sacrifice everything to the Lord. Like I love eating while I'm walking, B/c we walk A LOT! But we decided to give that up soo we can look more professional, also we are never going to speak bad about others, which is difficult b/c many people can be frustrating...but I have noticed such a different and better spirit now!! I feel soo blessed as I know the Lord is perfecting and refining me!!

Hillary do not Dear John me!! I wrote you a letter its on its way!!

By the way you need to all stop being soo boring, and make yourselves do something interesting, so that I have one exciting thing to read...haha. just kidding I love every piece of news I hear. and Mom the Ipod charger is like the same thing we have that you plug into the wall, the white thing. I need more crystal light, its like S. persons favorite thing, we drink it all the time. Oh also...what missionary did you see a picture of me?

Well I love you all....and am glad your well and safe!!! I am happy always!!