Mission Time In Cebu

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MTC First Week

Hi Family and Friends!!!!
There is sooo much to tell and soo little time. I recommend that you send me letters during the week through dearelder.com and I will email you back on my Wednesday P-days so that I can write you as much as possible I only have 30 minutes. I would love to hear from any friends from that too. If you could get Chelsea, Janet, Rebecca's, and Lauren's addresses that would be great. I love your letters Mom, they definitely got me through this week. I wanna hear all about Janet staying at our house and Lauren's wedding. Thats awesome Brooke got first place....GOOD FOR HER!!

I LOVE the MTC!! The spirit is incredible, I already feel soo much closer to my Savior and I feel like a changed person. I have never felt sooo close to the veil I feel the spirit constantly, I want to cry when I think of all the time I've waisted doing other things rather than studying my scriptures and reading Preach My Gospel. At First the MTC was difficult, harder than anything I have ever had to do. People told me it was going to be hard but I never expected how hard it was actually going to be. I felt unworthy, unprepared and inadequate. I doubted if I could really serve a mission. It was a strong trial of my Faith. I have really had to turn to the Lord and put my full faith and trust in him. IIts amazing how much we learn in the MTC, I swear one week is worth a full year.

I have two companions one is 6' 3" blonde and loves wrestling and the other one is a little bit hairier than you would expect. They are both from Highland Utah and went to highschool together, but didn't know eachother. In case you are confused my companions are Elders. haha. I am what you would call a solo sister. My companions are two elders in my district that I do everything with unless I am in the dorms at night and in the morning. Their names are Elder Johnson and Elder Stirland and they love the movies Hot Rod and Nacho Libre which we quote all day. (don't worry we still get a lot done) I love the sisters, I room with, they are in the older Cebuano district and there are four of them. They speak Cebuano in their sleep, which is funny and strange to hear at night. Cebuano is quickly coming along, I already know how to bear my testimony and have simple conversations. Apparently it is a lot harder than Spanish though, Its a level 4 out of 5 while Spanish is only a level 2. Its stressful and it is rare for me to not be practicing Cebuano in my head at all times. I feel guilty if I'm not, but I am slowling chilling out and letting my brain rest from the constant gymnastics its having to do all day. My brain has been hurting a lot from all the studying!!!

The Food is really good, and I am constantly stopping myself from eating too much, refuse to gain weight. Its hard being around only Elders all day because they eat whatever they want. Mom, Elder Winmill is my Zone Leader, I eat with him a lot and see him all day b/c he is in the classroom next to me. He is really, nice and friendly, his Mom told the truth.
My district is awesome. There are six of us. 5 Elders and me. One Elder is from Somoa, I will send pictures soon!! I will tell you more but I am out of time.

For my package could you send me a family picture? and any other pictures? I also left a shirt I think in the car, its blue and white designed, and underwear. Also I have been telling my district about your scotcheroos and they would love them too!!

Thanks!! Nasayud ko nga tinuod ang simbahan!!!!!! Ug Gugma ka ka nimo!!!! (I know the church is true!!! and My love to you!!!

Sister Robison

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