Mission Time In Cebu

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hi Family and Friends!! This week has been a little sad, my roommates and Cebuano sisters left for Cebu last night. I'm excited for them but sad for me. But its okay b/c I'm now moving in with the Cantonese sisters in my zone that I know, and their really friendly and fun. So now b/c the older cebuano district left my district are the only 6 cebuano speakers in the entire MTC, which makes it hard to speak your language. Last week in our "teaching appointment" we taught an "investiagtor" about the Book of Mormon, the spirit was sooo strong me and my two companions got a little emotional while teaching, even the investigator became teary eyed.. It was amazing that in a moq teaching situation that the spirit would be so evident, it made me excited to go out and teach real investigators.. So this week I was called as coordinating sister and my companions were called as zone leaders, so were really working on our leadership and leading by example.. My elders are doing well, we are all helping eachother with the language and everyone's testimonies are growing soo much, I learn from my companions everyday and its amazing how unified we are when we teach, the spirit is always incredible.. My teaching improves everytime and I am soo blessed to be able to develop that talent.. We have all come soo far!! We have 4 new english speaking sisters going to Rosa, California so they are really the only sisters I'm over.. This week I was really sick, Soo sick that I couldnt sleep b/c I was in soo much pain, kinda made me mad b/c we had a substitue in class that day and since I started to fall asleep he made me walk around the class ten times before I could sit down.. but I am better now and noone else around me got sick.. THANK GOODNESS!! My elders think they are invincible.. We got some new elders in our zone going to south africa,I hang out with them a lot at meals and firesides, they are super fun, but one got sent home.. I dont know why but he seemed really depressed yesterday and ended up being sent home.. Also, another one of our older english elders got sent home b/c his surgery on his leg didnt help and hes in a lot of pain.. Its sad b/c he is 25 and probably wont be able to come back, his name is Elder Harper, pray for him.. In gym I have been working on my volleyball skills and my arms have been super bruised for the past 3 days.. I see Ted all the time, we have the same eating schedule so I see him everyday, it really fun.. My friend is teaching Nate Eck so I should see him when he comes in tomorrow, our classes are in the same building.. Mom I got your package, Thanks!!! But this it important I need you to send me my immunization records ASAP! Plus I need sweat pants, Dan, Rebecca's, Josh Beck's, and Matt Stapely's addresses, if you could get in touch with them through facebook or something and then write me on Dear Elder.. Well I don't have much time, but I love all your letters and they mean a lot to me.. Nahigugma ko kanimo!!! Sister Robison

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