Mission Time In Cebu

Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 4

Kumusta!!! This week has been hard.. On Thursday we somewhat failed our TRC, our teacher was our "investigator" and we got through the lesson and I thought we did awesome, we bore testimony, taught in unity, and had a structured lesson.. But afterwards when our teacher asked how we thought we did, we said all the wonderful things we had done and after we got done talking he said that we only disussed what WE did right and didnt even think about how the investigator was feeling. Talk about a punch in the gut.. apparently we completely failed to meet the investigators needs so therefore failed the lesson.. He had a concern in the beginning that we addressed but b/c we were concerned about getting into the second lesson we kind of brushed it off.. Although we failed it turned into a success though b/c we learned soo much!! We learned that everything is about focusing on the investigator and loving them.. I am definitely learning to STOP right now from focusing on myself. We had a relief society lesson that we should make sure to even be more concerned about our companions success instead of our own.. Once again a punch from the spirit that I need to stop being competitive and care about the Elders in my district and them learning and growing..

I taught the lesson in our district meeting on Sunday and learned a lot about relying on the Lord.. We are in his hands and his hands are powerful enough to create worlds but gentle enough to bless children, so we are in the best hands we can possibly be in.. My motto is trust and be not afraid, and Im truly learning to do that here.. I have been feeling really good lately about everything and I feel that I can do this now.

So My Favorite teacher Brother Latimer is probably leaving soon, I dont know how our district is going to survive with out him, he really makes the MTC feel less stressful, so we are trying to guilt him into staying.. Ive seen Nate Eck, I actually see him everyday and we ate breakfast together on Sunday (dont know if thats allowed) I see Ted everywhere and David sometimes too (we're going to try to take a picture on sunday together)..

Last week ELder Oaks spoke to us, great talk reaffirmed why we are here and our purpose.. I waved and walked past Elder Nelson, literally he was in touching distance.. We have our TRC this week, last lesson in English (super scary).. The Cantos sisters that I live with leave on monday for Hong Kong, and the English sisters leave for California on Monday.. So once again I'll be a lone sister.. Doesn't matter b/c I'm mostly with my Elders anyway.. English Elders leave too, to South Africa and Santa Rosa, California.. So we get all new Elders next week, very sad, they have been my favorite district. I'll miss them b/c they are always making me laugh by telling me Jokes in English Accents which some how even makes it funnier.. We did already get some new ones this week that are going to sacramento.. Its weird to see the English come and go b/c we are here for sooo long..

My district is doing well, my Elders are I are really learning to work together, but its still a work in progress.. I learn soo much from them everyday and we are all growing in our testimonies together.. I get to see Dubes almost everyday and I saw Tyler yesterday, taught him how to pray in Cebuano.. The language is still coming, we are doing an English fast tomorrow (NO ENGLISH)..I miss you all and Gugma ko kanimo!!! Love, Sis Robison

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