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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 7 - Last Week in the MTC!


This is my last week in the MTC!!! I have been jumping for joy. I am sooo excited to get to the field! We got our Flight Plans!! I sent you a letter with my exact schedule but briefly we are flying out on August 3rd to San Fransico-> Hong Kong-> Cebu. I have lots of lay-overs so I will be calling you a lot. :) I am sooo excited to talk to you for real :)

So I sent you a letter with things I needed, if you didn't get it by the time you send your package here are a few things, dont stress over it....just some suggestions I am not in desperation for this stuff. CD play, CDs, headphones and speakers. Some loose cotton shirts, I have some but I'm really going to want them now. and some more family pictures....I only got two and I would love to have more, or any more pictures, Filipinos LOVE to look at pictures.

So this week we are trying to stay motivated and not drown in the monotony of the MTC. I love the MTC but its time for us to go!!

Last week that Elder that I talked to in gym trying to convince him to stay at the MTC went home. It was really sad but he told my Elders he was very grateful that I had talked to him. He got sent home honorable b/c of anorexia issues (thats what they said) so he might be able to come back and serve in 1-4 years. pray for him, he is a really nice Elder and he needs support. Some other Elders and Sisters that need prayers. Sister Hathaway, is a super fun sarcastic sister going to Mesa, Arizona (maybe) she found she has a heart murmur and has been delayed here at the MTC for three weeks. She is a trooper but might not be able to go out. She found out she might have to get surgery and will be sent home after all she's been through. She finds out her tests results today. Now, Elder Seupule won't find out if he can leave on time with us until the day before we leave. Please pray for him b/c if he cant leave with us, his visa will expire to be here in the US and its sooo hard to get a Visa here I don't know whats going to happen to him. I've been praying and Elder Johnson bought a journal for him for us to all sign.

Thursday- We had our second to last TRC, we did really well!! I talked a lot about the atonement, its nice just being able to talk in Cebuano and not memorize sentences or anything just being able to say what's in your heart. I'm beginning to be able to express myself in Cebuano and feel the spirit when I teach in it. Its really cool!

Friday- We had an AMAZING testimony meeting with the Cantonese district, I only again cried while bearing my testimony ( I have seriously become a cry baby). I just thought that I always understood the power of the atonement before but I realize now I had no idea. I have never felt sooo much love for others and I really believe its because I'm starting to understand the power of God's love for his children. A love that is sooo amazing and indescribable that it has the power to change people and their lives. I am beginning to almost understand how important this work is, and that God trusts me with his children that he loves sooo much!! Missions are amazing and it was a nice reminder to know why I'm here and get me ever more fired up for the field.

Tuesday- So I decided that we need to take drastic measures to keep us fired up and energetic about being in the MTC. So I came up with this I idea to have a competition everyday. Of course the Elders loves the idea, so on Tuesday I made the challenge to see who could drink the most liquid at dinner. I won with 12 glasses, slaughtered the Elders. haha. But Elder Seupule has decided to drink chocolate milk as his choice of beverage and lets just say he was VERY VERY sick!! apparently in the bathroom he told Elder Johnson that "Sister Robison came up with a stupid idea" haha....but I wasnt the one that told him to drink chocolate milk. He laid on the grass for like a half hour looking like he was on his death bed...I couldnt stop laughing. oops! After the competition we had another one to see who could hold it all in for the longest with out going to the bathroom, I definitely lost and could only hold it for less than an hour. Elder Schenk ended up winning that one. Were trying to think of some more ideas in order to keep us happy and have at least something to write in our journals...haha. let me know if you think of anything.

So I feel very ready and excited to leave but I am going to miss my district, we have all grown soo much together and have been through a lot together. Its crazy because I have always seen the before and after the mish, but never the process of change and its amazing to see how fast our spiritual growth has gone. I was blessed with a district full of Elders that will all be super amazing missionaries, except I dont know what I'm going to do b/c I can't write them our whole mission so hopefully I'll be able to see them. I know I'm going to cry like a little girl when I have to leave them. Well I LOVE you all, and I will always stay good at writing, it is the least I can do for people that have done soo much for me. I smile everyday and I love this work. Gugma ko Kanamo!!



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