Mission Time In Cebu

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Final Day In The MTC!!

Kamusta-Ulahing Adlaw!!

Our last week in the MTC!! This has already been an adventure. I leave for the Philippines in about an hour, I am excited and a little nervous, but mostly excited!! I can't wait to teach the people who have been searching for the truth and have been prepared by the Lord. I feel prepared and I have no regrets. I just wanted to let you know that I might not have internet in some areas, so pray that my first area has internet, or I wont have contact for a loong time :(
I will always look back on my MTC experience with fond memories and remember it as a place where I really began to know and love my Savior personally and trust in Him and His will for me. One Elder from our new English district came up to me and said, even though he didnt get to know me well, I was an example to him of what a missionary should be. He said he saw something special about me and that I will really touch the people I meet. That meant a lot to me, especially coming from someone I hardly know. I feel soo much love for these Filipino people that are waiting for me, I don't think I have been more excited for anything in my life.
Elder Seupule will be delayed a week but he is handling in like a trooper, pray that its no longer that a week :( It must be hard for him to see us all go but he is strong and optimistic!

I want to bear my testimony in Cebuano-

Nahigugma ko niining ebanghelyo. Napasalamat ko niining oportinidad sa pagpaambit so ebanghelyo sa ginoo uban sa iyang mga anak. Nakabati ko sa gugma sa atong amahan so langit para so iyang mga anak. Pinaagi niining MTC kasinatian, naka-ila ko sa akong manluluwas ug sa gahum sa iyang pag-ula para so ato. Naa ang iyang gugma sa gahum so pagusab so kinabunhi sa mga tawo. Naka-ila ta ni Jesukristo pinaagi sa Basahon ni Mormon. Nakabati ko so kahayag ni Jesukristo kon nagbasa ko sa Basahon ni Mormon. Nahigugma ko so akong manluluwas ug langitnon Amahan. Sa Ngalan ni Jesukristo, Amen.

Gugma ko Kanamo!!

Love, Cari

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