Mission Time In Cebu

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kamusta Family and Friends!!!

This week, is still difficult. There are days where I have no idea if I can do this and there have been times where I just want to be home. But I am trooping it out and life is good. The area Mabolo is very difficult, it is usually a Elder area, and the people are always busy and we will have lessons where the spirit is sooo strong and they will feel it and then the next visit they quickly forget and don't want us teaching anymore or back out of their commitments or baptismal dates. But Sister Person and I are starting to turn around the area, strengthening the ward and inactive families, we are working really hard.

Wednesday I went to the Cebu temple, and it is gorgeous inside, except I was too big for all the temple clothes...I even had the dress on and it still didn't cover my arms all the way....haha. these people just think I am this giant. They all say I look like I am from Hollywood and I look like Brittany Spears. Also they sing the song "hey Mrs. Robinson" all the time to me, its soo funny!

I love the food here, so far I have tried squid balls, intestines, chicken feet (not my favorite you just eat the skin), banana ketchup (that's all they have here, well tomato is really expensive). The bread here is sooo good, I love it!

I have developed a strange rash so I went to the doctor on Monday, it’s all over my entire body and I also have a cough....but its okay, I've been taking medicine and both are improving.

On Saturday we went to the Primary Stake activity with two investigator children and their friend Sister Chona who is 20, they had fun and the kids did a bunch of cultural dances....it was cute.

We have been having the WORST thunderstorms at night, so loud I have literally jumped out of my bed. The lighting lights up the whole room, so I don't really sleep at night.

It has been training this week for the trainers so I have been working in the Talamban area, a lot more rural then my area-BEAUTIFUL! Yesterday though we were teaching a lesson on the law of Chastity and it was raining soo hard you couldn't even hear a word we said. I'm sure they got a lot out of that lesson. We trugged in mud all day up to our calves. It was soo much fun!! I've been praying to the Lord a lot asking him why he put me here in the city when I love stuff like trudging through the mud and getting dirty, and he told me that in time I will have my time and I will get to go to a beautiful place in the mountains. So I am being patient, and I know that I am learning sooo much and being stretched sooo much from being in this area. But, it is hard, everyone has told me they would not want to serve in our area.

I am really trying my best to be a good missionary, we work hard everyday...It is soo different working with a Sister. Although I have learned soo much from my companion, with my Elders we did things soo differently, so its hard to completely change how I am and the way I deal with conflicts and learning. Before I thought patience wasn't a big deal, I realized my lack of patience but I didn't think it would effect me. I am now completely valuing this attribute and being slow to temper and frustrate and I am thankful for my experiences with a new Filipino companion whose culture is different and attitude is different. I am thankful for being in an area no one wants to be in b/c I am learning to be patient with the Lord and trust in his ways and time and not mine. I am learning to forget myself and go to work. I appreciate all your love and support soo much!! and the growth of my testimony!

I sent some pictures, hope you like them. This is such an adventure, I feel so close to the Lord everyday and I always think about everyone who this mission is blessing. But I know it is especially blessing me and my future family, there is soo much I didn't understand about missions and missionaries until I actually became one. Everyone said it would be sooo hard, but I had no idea. I now realize why missionaries can't give up talking about their missions and speaking the language all the time. Its because it becomes a part of them...it becomes a special part of who they are. I know my mission is shaping the rest of my life...already the things that were the most important to me before don't seem to matter as much and the things of the Lord are the very most important because his love is the only love that can change a person's heart and life. One thing I've learned is that we are all missionaries, as soon as you get baptized you become a missionary and a representative of the Lord...so share the Gospel with everyone, by the way you live and never pass up an opportunity to talk to someone and share the Gospel....no fear!! 2 Nephi 22:2 "for the Lord is my strength and my song"!! I love you!!

Love, Cari

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