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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ist Month Done

Note from Cari's mom: I got to "chat" with her tonight. It was wonderful! She asked me if I wanted to know about everything she has gone through and I told her yes, so she shared another scary experience (Yikes):

OK so there was a shooting in our area on Sunday! While we were there, One of the ward members sons got shot and killed, during our lesson we could hear gun shots and everything. sooo crazy, she was wailing in tears and crying, we did;t know what to do. But yet I still didn't feel unsafe, crazy. I feel this special protection over me, everyday and dirty old men rub my arm as I walk by and drunk men are everywhere at night. I feel this shield of protection, its pretty amazing


Kumusta Family!!

I want everyone to know that I appreciate the dear Elders SOOO much kaayo!! They really help me know that I have people out there who support and love me...it means soo much!! Each letter I really cherish!

Things I need...more CDs, and that's about it, I'm in an area that I can buy whatever.

I would think this week should of been VERY discouraging but for some reason I just feel a fire to work harder. You know how I always love a challenge.

Sis. Charlene decided to back out of her baptism ( did she ever friend you guys on facebook...I know she wanted to be your friend. All the Filipino girls think Scott is sooo handsome!) But I felt like crying during the lesson, when she said although God told her to be baptized she doesn't want to be separated from her family. Well. I found a good scripture for her in Matthew 10 but she hasn't been home since, so we are going to try again to night. I want so much for her to be baptized I have prayed and fasted for her often, but no luck so far. We had several other investigators tell us to stop coming. Even though they know its true they are too busy with work and nothing we do can change their mind. Our spirits in our lessons are sooo incredible but we can only bring the spirit unto their hearts, it is up to them and their agency to let it in and open their hearts.

On Thursday I rode my first hobble-hobble (motorcycle) into the bukids (mountains) sooo fun!!! and beautiful!! I was working in Talamban b/c Sis. Person had one day left of training, I just love being in the nature areas and I know b/c I am learning to love my city area and working hard I will one day get an area in the beautiful area of Cebu. Patience, patience...haha.

Thursday night was completely crazy!!! Sis. Person and I were in a lesson and she felt very sick. We decided to leave b/c she said she was soo sick, and it was dark and we were walking and she said "Sister I cannot walk" So I decided to carry her, my backpack, and her bag in all!! It was crazy!! I was glad I had been doing push ups everyday....so here I was running through these houses and people, holding her until I couldn't hold her any longer and we went through the sewer area her holding onto me b/c she could barely walk. then we got to a field and I picked her up and carried her again ( I felt like super woman...haha. the elders were jealous cause they said they haven't even got to have a story like that yet) We got to the end of the field and I couldn't carry her any longer so we just laid down...she could barely lift her head...so she just laid in my lap. I didn't know what to do, then these men gathered around us and I asked for them to call a taxi but a taxi couldn't come to where we were so a man just picked her up and started running away with my companion! YIKES!! So I quickly gathered all our stuff and ran after them til we hit the street and got a taxi...Sis. Person kept throwing up and crying b/c of the severe pain. We called the zone leaders and they came and gave her a blessing. Hurray for the power of the priesthood and sister persons faith b/c shortly afterwards she was fine so we didn't need to go to the ER. The next day they made us stay inside and lets just say we were itching to get out of the apartment and preach the gospel.

Sunday, was crazy...their was a festival going on and a huge cock fight!! Lots of blood, injured roosters and rowdy people. Of course I wanted to stay and look for a second, but smart sister person just kept quickly going by. So far I have seen a couple cock fights. CRAZY! That night we had a fireside. Amazing, everyone from our district came and we sang armies of Helaman...the spirit was soo strong and I felt honored to be a missionary. It is amazing how much our ward is being strengthened, Sis Person said last time we had a fireside, only 4 people showed up. This time we had a very good number from our ward. Success!!

Monday, Sis. Erwin said yes to Baptism and I wanted to jump for joy and hug her on the spot. The spirit was soo strong, she has a long way to go before she gets baptized, but I pray for her every night!

Sis. Person and I have been working very very hard and I am loving every minute of it. Yesterday we had 57 I2L's and 6 new investigators. We were soo stoked!! I love my mission...it is soo hard, man its hard! And yesterday I accidentally told an investigator that God has death for each of us ( instead of purpose...oops!) haha funny gyud! But I pray and think of all of you often. Again...thanks soo much for your thoughts, prayers, and letters I feel soo blessed about all the people that are writing and I will write back!

Tell Courtney to keep me updated and Scott and Brooke on starting school!

Ayo ayo!!

Love, Cari

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