Mission Time In Cebu

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 6 in Mabolo

The new house is great but we have to travel SOO FAR...cause its not in our area...but I am still glad for it. However. There are giant slugs and spiders in our bathroom...and I mean GIANT! Like 6 inches long and this huge hairy spider and not just one slug like 5 or 6. Its okay though. The whole house is PINK PINK PINK...haha. Makes me feel even more like a Sister now. We live really close to the Elders but we cannot see them without permission or else very bad consequences. Like our area will be shut down and we will get emergency transferred. So I know they must trust us a lot to let us live there. About the pictures...I'll just send you another CD on Monday we are printing pictures today anyway. Sorry! I have no idea, whats going on.

I got your package :) everything is great-Made my week, I was soo happy...shared my skittles with everyone.

So good things for a package:

Candies for little kids would be awesome
CD's like EFY (stand in the light, give the gift)
Birthday letters
USB plug for the wall like for an ipod. I bought speakers and it needs to be charged at a computer or the ipod wall charger. stinks. didnt know that before.

So things are great in Mabolo. We have a Baptism scheduled for October 2, S. Alma, our favorite investigator. She is working for a woman and her family as their maid. And they said we can no longer teach her...but she says she is still going to go to church and we can teach her after church. So her faith is just amazing...we are really being blessed. Another investigator, B. Jesus, came to church but I can't decide if he is coming to church for the two pretty ladies teaching him (that would be us...haha) or b/c he really is interested. he never completes his assignments.

And I am not LYING!! Belut is great! I need to become Filipino..haha. They all call me a cowgirl here b/c I am not squeamish to do or try anything...they say I am becoming Filipino. S. Person is really helping me with my accent. We read the Basahon Ni Mormon everynight. My Cebuano is coming really quickly...best blessing! :) I've been waking up at 5:30 am every morning to get some more studying in. Its helped me soo much.

So we have a new district now, 3 new Elders and 1 new Sister. And E. Shenck, transferred SURPRISE. I was soo sad I thought he would be here for a long time. He is somewhere north in the mountains.

I am soo grateful to be on this mission...Sis. Person gave me an amazing compliment and said that my biggest strength is when I testify and I know its b/c I TRULY believe the things that I am telling these people. I feel soo much strength behind my words and its crazy how much my Cebuano just flows from my mouth and I can testify soo easily...but as soon as my lesson is done my Cebuano returns back to is original form-struggling..haha. Its really an amazing experience though to have the Lord just put words into your mouth, I am trusting him more and more everyday that he will just lose my tongue and feel my mouth...so true.

A mission is amazing...truly. I don't know if I could have come to know God as I do now in any other way. I really am learning from these wonderful people the value of true happiness. I am trusting in God and his purpose. It does not matter if bad things happen here on earth...and trust me these people ENDURE! Many are jobless, can't feed their family...sicknesses everywhere. I see malnourished people all day, BUT they are happy b/c they have their families and the Lord and they aren't even of our faith. So me with my knowledge of Eternal Happiness and a mansion waiting up there for me in heaven, I have no room to complain ever. I wont complain, b/c life is beautiful. Even here in the downtown city I can see beauty.

The Philippines is an amazing place, I have never experienced anything like it. I meet people every day that have a profound effect on me and my life, Remember that whatever happens if we endure to the end there is the kingdom of God-true happiness awaiting us.

Love you all!! Amping!!


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