Mission Time In Cebu

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 7 in Mabolo

So I now only have 30 minutes for email, so Dear Elders are much appreciated. And for a package another good thing would be Crystal light...I go through those like crazy, S. Person loves them too. Also, Pictures are the best-Filipinos love them!!

So this week!!!! Very exciting!!! We had zone conference and I got to see Elder Stirland and Elder Allen!! They are very happy and very optimistic. It was sooo relieving to see them and know they are doing well. Thank you for updating me on E. Johnson I have felt worried about him and now I know why. Let him know I pray for him every night. He was one of the kindest Elders I know and I know that if anyone can handle what he is going through, Its him. Very amazing faithful Elder. Keep writing him, for real it makes me happy and I know it makes him super happy.

So this week, this Saturday I have my FIRST baptism!!!! YAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait, I just know it will be such an amazing fulfilling experience. Especially after some of the little trials we have had this week. We only had 2 investigators to church on Sunday. It was super sad for me, I was trying to hold back tears. I felt a glimpse of what Christ feels like when we ignore the things of the Gospel and put him second in our life. Here, he made the ultimate sacrifice. He suffered beyond all comprehension true agony and we are to lazy to serve him with all our heart, might, mind and strength! We ignore his sacrifice for us. I never want to be ungrateful to that sacrifice, it is hard for me to express in words. I felt such a sorrow on Sunday and a connection to the atonement and the sacrament. It was such a sacred experience to partake of the sacrament that day and trust in the will of God. I am just beginning to get a glimpse of the atonement and what Christ really feels and went through for us. We taught a man, Ryan, who the day before we met him tried to commit suicide. I can see that while we are teaching him the hopelessness in his eyes, and if only he could fully understand the Gospel and the atonement he will never feel that way again, he will never feel alone. I feel soo close to my savior and I am just seeing promises in my patriarchal blessing unfold. I outlined it during personal study time and what I have to do to obtain those blessing, it was such a special experience and I know if you do the same thing you can really learn how to obtain all those promised blessing. I am soo excited about my life and whats in store and I want my investigators to have the same hope that I feel everyday. Sunday we went on splits, so I was with 2 ward members and our investigator S. Alma (baptism this Saturday, YES SHE CAME ON SPLITS WITH US-Seriously she is soo amazing). So crazy I had to lead the area and give all the lessons by myself, while they testified at the end. I even made S. Alma share her testimony...haha. I taught a whole family it was, just me teaching in Visayan and like 10 people listening, and I did it! All by myself...truly a testimony that the Lord blesses us for our sacrifices. He has helped me soo much with the language...I understand most of everything and can say most of what I want....and I know that I usually suck at the languages so it truly is all from the Lord and lots of hard work and sacrifice of sleep...haha. So Mom, don't worry, even when things are hard, I feel happy because I get the privilege to teach heavenly fathers children all day long. Its not easy. It really isn't, I come home every night my whole entire body aching from walking and sitting on the floor and ect. ect. ect. But now that I am seeing at least one fruit from my labors I know it is all worth it. S. Alma, I have learned soo much from her. I love her, I never thought that I could love like this, and I still have a lot to learn. I am BY FAR!!! and imperfect missionary still, there are soo many things I need to improve and E. Johnson is a lot more patient and kind then I am b/c I definitely wouldn't have put up with that from my trainer. I am still working on patience...haha. That is one of his biggest attributes I admired in the MTC. BUT I am improving! So I havent read your letters yet b/c I only have 30 minutes now and I want to give a good report to all of you. Just know that I am working my hardest, all my heart, mind, might and strength b/c I know this is the Lords time and he is shaping me into who I need to be so I can help these people. Thank you for your prayers and support, they mean sooo much to me!! By the way I just sent another CD of pictures...so hopefully you get them soon. unsa pa? Sorry I'm a little jumbled b/c I don't have very much time. The Philippines is such a different place, I hope some of you can visit it someday....it is already ingrained in my heart- and by the way the food is WAY better here, but I'm still losing weight. Slowly though..haha. I started gaining cause I was eating rice. Oh by the way Mom, E. Bennett says hi, he transferred but I saw him at zone conference. Well I g2g but I really do love you all. Keep sending stuff my way.

Courtney I only skimmed through your letter but the best thing to get at Sammy's is the cheesecake oreo with extra chocolate syrup added (special order)

love love love!!!


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