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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Maayoong Hapon!!

Sorry you did not get this sooner, we had district activity today and we went on a hike up the river and a water fall.. GORGEOUS!! Seriously the Philippines is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I took a lot of pictures but forgot my chord to send them...next time Unta! So I have gotten a lot of good emails!!! Lots of thanks!! They definitely help keep me going!! Mom can you send Janet my mission address. Charlene sent the message to me, thanks Mom...she is more on the road to baptism now, pray for her...we visit her tonight!

The Reeds just left the Mission on Thursday, they were the office couple. and I know Elder Bennett, He is in my district!! Really fun, he said I am one of the fastest Cebuano learners...so he keeps my hopes up about the language!! but that is about all I know. How did you get in touch with Elder Johnson's mom with out hearing back from Elder Johnson...if you Mom's want you should get in touch with all the Mom's from our MTC district and you can talk to all of them. I don't know how you find these people though... haha

This week, soo good!! We worked SOOO hard 160 contacts, 29 Lessons, and we had 6 investigators to church!!! So amazing, 3 promising baptisimal dates scheduled. our hard work is paying off! and we found a house! It is in Lahug (Elder Shenk's area with the temple) and it is a much nicer apartment! so we are moving next Tuesday and Transfers are next friday. But, I don't think Sis. Person or I will be transferred, but who knows we find out the Wednesday before, just two days!!

Sunday we fasted for 25 ours....definitely a patience practice. So we had a birthday party/FHE with the Sevilla Family Newly baptized cute little Filipino Family) and we bought them a cake and it looked sooooooo delicious, but time went late and we had to leave for curfew before we could taste it. and I had been looking forward to it ALL day. I almost drooled as we left, soo sad. So ya we couldn't start our fast until 8:00 PM, so we fasted all day Sunday, I thought I was going to die-but I didn't want to complain. We had a dinner appointment at 7pm and when we got there...IT WASNT READY!! well 8 o clock rolled around and we had to leave-NO DINNER! Well we got home at 8:30 PM and FINALLY we could eat I almost choked on the food as I ate it. hahah funny kaayo!

Today is a little more boring week, no crazy stories. The work is going, awesome...don't worry I stay safe and aware, oh ya I hit my head really hard on the ceiling of a house...seriously I am way too big for this place. Oh I just want to say how incredible an experience it is to teach. I have never felt soo much guidance from the spirit telling me what to say, its truly amazing.

Oh ya...so Mabolo is crazy!! some of our investigators stories crazy. Like we have one who wants to get baptized and she's been to church but she has had several abortions, is living in and has been in a mental hospital. We have another one who would be promising but she should be in prison for 20 years b/c she left her first husband and remarried, against that law here. and so she flew Negros to Cebu to not face her court case and I think if she wants to get baptized she has to go to Prison first, i dont know. Crazy!

Here is a couple of shout outs!!

Blake Balkman

Dili ko nagkaon Balut pa, pero gusto gyud ko!! Dili Nahadlok ko. Pero Gusto ni Sis. Person safety para sa ako. Si Sister Person mao ang akong trainer. Kindont Kaayo siya! Naa mi maayong companitionship. Elder Valesco mao ang akong ZL. Funny kaayoo siya. Nagsulti siya nga ikaw sa iyang paburito companion. Nagsugat ko sa imong follow-up trainee, ni Elder Jamon. Ganahan ko so Pilipinas...nindot kaayo!! Lisod pero lingaw!!

Rhonda McPeak

I am soo grateful for you message...it means a lot to me that you read my emails and that my emails touch you. It really helps to know that there are people out there praying for me...such amazing comfort to me. This Church is the only way that we can find true happiness for us and our families. I was reading 1 Nephi 8:10-12 really reminded me of how desirable the truth of this gospel is and we can really only understand how amazing it is until we taste it.

Uncle Rod

I am watching out do not worry, and dont worry I am not beautiful here... trust me I will send pictures haha. The Philippines is very rough on my outward appearance, however, I know that I am able to grow more beautiful on the inside...and thats all the matters right? Thanks for your email, I miss you soo much and can't wait to return to Utah and see you again :)


Read Uncle Rod's shout out...I just wanted to tell you. I am being careful...No worries!!! Thank you for all you write me, the things you say are truly inspired and they help remind me of my purpose and to continue in happiness and trusting in the Lord. I can't wait to see you again and share all my experiences with you :)

Well...I love you all thank you for sooo much support. Amping Kanunay!!!

Love, Cari

p.s. I am also sorry, this letter is not as exciting as before, we have just been working super hard and nothing has been happening, except my trying lots of amazing food and our hike. Seryoso, Mom and Dad you have to come visit here, it is so amazing!! and I want to see you ride a hubble hubble or jeepney haha. Oh by the way I think I come home on the 23rd of December 2011. Two days before Christmas! Crazy!!...I do have another funny story, so some things in America that would be offensive are not offensive here. Like they will call you fat to your face and its not a big deal ( not me yet...thank goodness) But we have a very loud Filipino in our ward, Sister Alma, she is soo loud and sings sooo loud. The 1st counselor in the ward told her in front of the class to be quiet cause she is super annoying all the time..haha. I'm like wow that would never happen in my home ward. haha. soo funny. She is SUPER loud though!

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