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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!

So on this typhoon craze...no typhoon but CRAZY heavy rain!!! I have NEVER seen rain like this, S. Person forgot her umbrella yesterday and we were SOAKED!! That little umbrella cannot cover the both of us...haha. Rivers everywhere on the streets, and you never know what is lurking in the water....haha.

I havent seen any nativities but there are some very famous sweet belts if scotty and dad want one. They would be starting a new fashion craze.

So our district activity was super fun!! I love and am going to miss a lot of them at transfers next week. I'm pretty sure I am staying but I think S. Person and a lot of them are gone.

Elder Cook, was amazing!! I got to see Elder Stirland and Elder Shenck...both doing well. Elder Cook is truly amazing had some really intense things to say about the Philippines, how it is really a choice country and amazing things are going to happen here and in the rest of the world b/c of the church here. Amazing things that I will be able to see in my life time. I got to shake his hand and you could just feel the power of the spirit... AMAZING GYUD! He told a funny story that he was acting out something to his little grandchild on the floor and his grandson just looked at him in the weirdest way, and at the end of FHE he came up to him and said...Grandpa, why do you cut your hair that way?? haha...he said it was the first time he could probably see the top of his head. haha crazy though, he really made it seem like THIS is the last days, there is no time to waste.

At interviews Pres. Hansen said that we are the only barrier between these people and fire and that time is not a luxury we have anymore. He was super serious, it was a little stressful....especially b/c S. Person got super sick this week so we didn't work Sunday or Monday. I feel soo bad, but she is a little better now...what a trooper. My body feels very very weak, also its really hard for me to work also, but were pushing through it and are stronger b/c of it.

It's S. Person's Bday week so E. Clack (district leader) bought her a cake and we had a little birthday celebration. S. Erwina is getting baptized on her Birthday and the Elders are baptizing her b/c we have NO men in our ward hardly haha. So were gonna have another Birthday celebration afterwards Filipino style- pancit, spaghetti, hot dogs and marshmallows...im always excited for food!! By the way Korean food is sooo GOOD!! Went to a korean restaruant, finally had some sushi...soo good!

We had a very spiritual lesson with S. Erwina...the Gospel really does bring hope to the hopeless. She feels soo much light and love from the Gospel for her and her baby. I love her SOOO much!! We were all in tears that lesson, she is wonderful!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these people and the Philippines, and I know Mom would love it too...It is a different planet, but beautiful and amazing. Mom should want to come here...Its hot, but its beautiful and soo much fun!!! I am soo honored to serve here, I can feel that it is really an honor to serve here, and this small little humble country will change the world.

I haven't gotten your package yet, but I am excited...S. Erwina and S. Alma will be confirmed this Sunday!! Yay!! two baptisms!!! With two super amazing converts!! The Gospel changes lives, FOR REALS!! I love you and appreciate your emails and love always.

oh by the way HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I should have done it earlier but I'm sending you a letter :)


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