Mission Time In Cebu

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mission Paspas (Going Too Fast!)

I cannot believe I only have two weeks left of my second transfer!! Ahh! I think I am staying in the area, but I think I will get a new companion. We have a district activity today-BOWLING. Exciting...haha.

So I LOVED conference. These past couple weeks my testimony has strengthened soooo much testifying of the Prophet and inviting everyone, and I mean everyone I meet to conference!! We had to pick up 4 people for conference and wow was that an adventure. One area flooded that night so we had to walk through ankle deep mud four times!! Welcome to the Philippines. But we got them all there and they really enjoyed it.

We have two scheduled Baptisms for the 23rd, S. Erwina and B. Jesus. S. Erwina is very promising but I don't know about brother Jesus. He is a security guard who lives on a bench. One of our fellowshippers was excited to meet him b/c they are the same age and there are hardly any men in our ward, so she came with us to teach him. then she asked him where his house was and he pointed to the bench. Well lets just say we will not be seeing a temple marriage from the two of them next year. haha. Poor Brother Jesus, he doesnt really have a friend in the ward yet, so I just stick with him and try to talk to him. But well see what happens with him.

Oh so I found a new food I really like, its called silingog or something maybe not. But it is the Pigs face, like his ears, and everything cut up into little pieces with rice...its is absolutely Lami!! (delicious).

Friday S. Person and I were doing our weekly planning and the Zone Leaders just showed up a our door and said mission President wants to talk to you right after planning. We were soo scared! We're like what could we had done? We thought of all the possibilities from good to horrible...and it was the most nerve racking jeepney ride I had ever had, and then we found out Sister Person just needed to pick up her money her mom sent. Walay claro!! I was soo mad at them, couldnt they just tell us that?? haha.

Thursday we had another temple tour, it was fun! The woman is E. Nicoletta and Hiatts investigator who is also getting baptized on the 23rd. Exciting!! She really enjoyed the temple and afterwards the AP's treated us to dinner at the Patron house.

Monday we got to work in the Bukids (mountains) in the ZL's area. Soo fun we got to ride on a motorcycle again!! I love it!! So we had to work with this fellowshipper b/c the elders can't work with a woman. And she wore S. Person and me out! She doesn't have a job or anything. She dedicates her life as an unofficial missionary for the church...haha. So we taught 5 lessons one after the other in a row... our brains were sooo worn out!!! haha. But the mountains were beautiful. Some times the beauty of the Philippines just takes my breath away.

Elder Cook is tomorrow, I will tell you more about that! I don't have very much time....but I just wanted you to know I cried through out all of E. Hollands talk. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! for supporting me and letting me have this most amazing experience of my life!!! I love you with all my heart and will write more in a letter but I thank god all the time for my family. Testifying about Eternal Families all day really has made our relationship soo much more sacred and special to me, and although I am across the world, my love has grown for all of you 10 fold.

Aunt Peggy- I got your letter and it made my day!!! Your support means the world to me and I love you sooo much!!! Thank you!!

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  1. Hi! My name is Karlie and I have a mission call to Cebu! I'm from Bountiful and actually heard about Cari from my neighbor Matt, who was one of her friends at BYU. I leave in about a month and I'm getting so excited- it's been so fun to come across Cari's blog and learn about Cebu and the mission. Pretty wild :) I'd love to talk with Cari's mom or family- if you get the chance you can email me at karlie.brand@aggiemail.usu.edu. I'd love to hear about Cari- it's crazy to think we'll be meeting each other in just a few months!