Mission Time In Cebu

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 12 in Mobolo

SOOO MUCH happened this week!! Most exciting, Sister Erwina's baptism
and and afterward S. Person's bday!!! It was an amazing day....lots
of investigators showed up and she was glowing with happiness. One of
our Elders Baptized her, Elder Haitt. She is soo happy and has found
soo much light and hope from the Gospel. Afterward we had a Filipino
Birthday feast for S. Person's bday...and we found a new claro kaayo
investigator, neighbor of S. Erwina. We taught her this week, I think
its her time to be baptized but her life is tough...pray for her, her
name is Delia. and she feels no love from her kids...sometimes she has
no food, but she feels a special comfort from the church and at the
baptism she said she wishes that was her. Mabolo is growing sooo
strong, we have been working sooooo hard!!!! We have lots of new
investigators and very little time...haha. AMAZING! S. Person will be
transferred to Negros this Friday...sad gyud!! Pero, I get a new
companion S. Facualan-visayan Filipino!! Devao shes from. Sorry my
english is getting really bad. haha So I will be leading the area this
transfer, scary but exciting. S. Person has me making all the
decisions now and she said she really feels like I am being guided by
the spirit. Its true I just feel this guidance always now, about who
to talk to and where to go...truly amazing.

On Monday we had our district meeting. SOOO sad. Elder Clark and Elder
Holt are going home....their two years are up! They were great
leaders, S. Person and I made them candy lays and sang Love at home
mixed with tongan and then aloha oe...they have a video of it.
EMBARRASSING! But everyone loved it...i thought they would think it was
cheesy haha. I've been having a super spiritual week, and we had a
lesson about Mothers in relief society...I cries and I mean CRIED the
whole time. I really know mom that I am who I am today b/c of you and
your amazing example for me. I miss you sooo much!! and I am usually
soo busy I didn't realize how much, so thank you...for reals. My heart
just feels like its going to explode kanunay as I grow in love for
these people, my family and God, the gospel...I didn't know it was
possible to feel soo much love. I have become such a cry baby lately
in lessons and while testifying b/c everything is sooo real to me now,
my eyes feel like they are finally open. I took newly baptized S. Alma
on splits and to hear a new convert testify... is amazing, and one
month ago she had no idea about this truth. She wrote S. Person and me
notes. I just love her soo much and can feel her love for us.

So Mabolo is sooo crazy...Elections sa barungay this week. Sis. Person
and I were teaching brother Ryan and s. Gloria and these drunk men got
into a fight right next to us. They slammed a whole bench across a
wall and were screaming I'm going to drink your blood to each other and
we heard what sounded like gun shots..ahh. We went home right after.
Poor Ryan (he has tried to commit suicide) and just always looks soo
hopeless...I am worried for him.

S. Diosy one of our investigators loves to cook for us, and yes her
food is delicious. But one time we saw her preparing it and she used
the water from the bathroom!!! haha...same water they shower with and
stuff....shes going to kill us! haha.

So mom I live right by the mission ofice, I go there all the time so I
can always get my stuff as soon as it gets there...pretty lucky! Elder
Johnson has a new companion...he only had that bad one for one
transfer...I heard he is super nice (the new one) so he is doing

Oh by the way Sister Erwina's younger sister went to her baptism, she
is only 18 and has a child also, like S. Erwina. She is such an
amazing investigator, like her sister. We told her to start to read
the Book of Mormon and next visit. I asked her if she read and she
said only a little and I asked what she read and she said the
introduction the three witnesses testimony and testimony of Joseph
Smith and I'm like that is not gamay!! and then she said she felt
inspired when she read it!! Only problem is I don't think she is
married to her live in partner so I don't think she can be baptised
for awhile!!. By the way I have a ton of pictures...I'll put them on a
CD and send them next week! Love you all I appreciate your support
and love always!!!

Love, Cari

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