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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Success Through Obedience

This week has been AMAZING! MIRACLES....success through obedience. S. Falculan is amazing but I cried at transfers. S. Person also and she had to lead the music, in front of everyone. I really get attached to people I have learned. But its okay b/c S. Falculan is amazing!! I saw all my Elders at transfers except for Elder Johnson, they all have new follow up trainers too.

S. Falculan is 25 and a teacher. She went on a mission after supporting her twin sister through her mission. We are working VERY well together. I have seen miracles happen in these past 4 days. We have 3 committed for baptism this November 20th (For my Birthday!!!) We decided we will have a Birthday celebration afterward!!! I am sooo excited!! S. Mariel is one to be baptized in November and I absolutely love her!! She is only 11 years old and has been wanting to be baptized since I got here, but she didn't have permission from her parents but after fasting and prayer....success, she has permission. She is soo excited and her testimony is strong. S. Delia attended the baptism of S. Erwina and I met her there and told her for my birthday that she would be the next baptism, jokingly. But its true!! I just love her and cannot wait. She loves the Gospel, she reads 5 chapters a day and cannot sleep b/c she is sooo excited for baptism. She has amazing faith. Then we have B. Jesus which I've told you about, I'm excited for him too. So even though it is scary we are committing EVERYONE on our first visit to baptism!! Its is amazing the miracle of obeying mission president to do this!! I am soo excited to go out and work everyday and I just walk the fastest I possibly can to get to all appointments. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this work. We went from having three investigators with baptismal dates to 11, some aren't claro but that is amazing b/c before I got here there had only been 2 baptisms in 1 year and now we had two last month and hopefully 5 (our goal) this transfer. I have such faith that this area can turn around and flourish. Please pray for them, and S. Alma and Erwina they are facing a lot of persecution right now from families and employers but they are still sooo strong!! They will never fall away, I know it!

My cebuano is really improving b/c I never speak English except for night now, b/c S. Falculan wants to learn better english. The church is sooo true!!! I just love it, and missionary work...it is hard. I am sooo tired but I just love laying in bed after a long day and knowing I served my Father in heaven with all my heart might mind and strength!

Oh mom I got your package and I LOVED IT!! Keep them coming, S. Person was excited about the crystal light. Everyone looked at the pictures and they think Mom is guapa gyud!! (very beautiful So she should come here...haha. I always agree.) and Scott looks like Justin Bieber and then one of my Elders said he can be my future brother in law for Courtney. Filipino siya, and the funniest Elder I know so I said I approve. I want you all to know I testify about you everyday and your examples to me. Oh by the way one of our investigators thought I was thirteen....so that's probably why people don't take me seriously sometimes. haha. jokes lang. So I love you all!!! Thank you thank you!!! Write on my blog anyone can email cause a lot of people have asked. And send me pictures through email, also.


Cari aka. Carry on! (like the Hymn)

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