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Friday, December 3, 2010

Miracles in Mabolo

Salamat kaayoo for all the good news!! I love hearing everything!! Thank you for your email, everyones support means soo much to me. I felt really touched that Aunt Vickie compared me to Grandma!

This week has been AMAZING!! We had 8 investigators go to church!! and I've really been preparing for the three upcoming baptisms on November 20th!! Excited kaayoo!! They are all excited to celebrate my bday with me and I am planning a big dinner afterward and I got two investigators to cater the dinner...expensive but their souls are worth it. I keep telling everyone don't think to much about my birthday and that we are mostly celebrating the baptisms, but they are soo excited its on my birthday..haha. We are really beginning to soften these people's hearts and I feel soooo much love for these people. We have 13 people committed for baptisms but some are walay klaro. I keep telling them I don't want to be transferred b/c I want to see all of them be baptized!! Sister Erwina's sister Delilah really loves us and is opening up to the gospel but she needs to be married before there is a baptism. Mabolo is PROGRESSING gyud!! exciting. We are working soo hard, I learned the hard way I need to rest more b/c last Sunday I was on the verge of collapsing from exhausting, its just hard when there are soo many miracles happening to want to rest. But, don't worry I am taking better care of myself now.

The language is coming sooo much faster now, b/c S. Falculan talks mostly all Cebuano to me and but I'm helping her with her english at night. I don't know if we will be able to understand each other during the phone call for Christmas....it is super difficult for me to speak all english..haha.

I really love this culture and people, I just want to stay pinoy forever. and the mangoes here are unreal!! well actually all the fruit!! and Mom the bathroom thing is a secret...haha.

The charger is great!! I need more cds though, b/c I am very sick of all the music, haha. and I gave one cd to E. Johnson cause I felt bad he didn't have anyone and another to an investigator b/c she loves choirs and is sooo excited about our church music. Funny kaayoo. Her name is Sister Delia and she is a neighbor of sister Erwina. She attended the baptism of S. Erwina and there I joked with her that she would be baptized for my brithday on Nov. 20...haha! and guess what!? she is one of the baptisms!! haha amazing! I am soo excited for her, she reads 5 chapters a day and says we are her angels. She is says when I smile all she wants to do is make me happy. So basically we are harvesting all the people b/c of the baptism of S. Erwina almost all our investigators are her neighbors...haha!! Amazing...we are praying for many more miracles, and many more people to come unto Christ. We took about 9 investigators to a primary activity and they were about 3/4 of the attendance. It was Halloween, sooo fun!!! The kids are absolutely amazing here!!

I'm glad Elder Johnson is doing better, I pray for him and all my elders every night and hope they are being good...haha. Lots of temptations here for elders.

For Christmas package...more pictures like of friends things happening, print pictures from facebook. That is my favorite thing, crystal light, tank tops, cds, family home evening ideas. ambot, whatever. I just love love the packages. Thank you thank you for all the support, it means soo much to me. Things are amazing here, continue to pray for my people. Lots of love!!

Dad, I love your letters, I have little time, but thank you for writing me each week. Continue to update me on my failing cougars and your work and life!!

Oh continue to fast and pray for my investigators and new converts, they are really having some touch touch trials from family and friends...but they are soo strong and amazing!!



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