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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bogo 2/1/2011

Pasaylo!! I did not mean I do not want to go home...haha. I miss you all very much and love you. But, I am Filipino at heart. I just love everything about these people.

I can't believe Scott is a priest!!! way to go!!! I am just sooo proud of my family and how well your all doing. And Dad...Amazing dad-keep of the good work, I am soo proud gyud!! I was beaming reading you email. And I miss watching Jimmer he was my favorite BYU player, sayang!

Bogo area is super progressing!!!! We had the opportunity to teach the third hour of church last week, Combined relief society and priesthood and we got people really excited about missionary work. We are receiving lots of referrals...missionary Christmas!!!

The language is coming really quick this transfer but it's more hard here b/c the cebuano is a bit deeper than in the city. I never ever speak in english, except district meetings which is a nosebleed b/c I can't remember lots of english words and always in church they ask me what a certain english word means...and I forgot!! embarrassing gyud!!

Oh and I think I have somewhat of a stalker...don't worry!! harmless but every time he sees me he continues to ask for my number and he says he misses me...haha. I never know how to respond.

You can tell Zaldy I miss him lots and everyone and continue to pray for them every night. I need to write them all soon. Mabolo is still in my heart. We get to go to the temple next week...YAY!! So I will get to see my city and beloved temple gihapon.

So we have one investigator Maricel. Investigator for over a month, shes a teenager (oh by the way I NEED more pictures soon I wont have any left, everyone wants the pictures and I keep giving them away...I can never say no to these people. They just love our family and think everyone is soo beautiful) and she has never been to church, until last Sunday. We committed her to go to church and she said well it might rain so I just gave her my umbrella and she was like oh no its okay but I insisted and said that she could give it to me at church and she tried to give it back and I refused and said okay goodbye see you at church tomorrow. Then at sacrament she wasn't there and I'm like I am not giving up on her and I just kept praying and praying and then I saw her walk through the doors near the end with her mom. Success!! She handed me my umbrella and we were soo grateful she had come. She enjoyed herself too. Also, we are teaching a whole family...there are like 12 siblings of a newly return missionary. Most are members but inactive. But there little ones aren't members yet...they are very receptive. So huge progress. When I arrived there was no progressing investigators and now we have 4 pretty clear for baptism this transfer and a lot more committed.

Oh another funny story I was teaching Maricel the word of wisdom and there is this weird boy that always joins me that just flirts the whole time. I was telling her not to smoke cigarettes and stuff b/c it will make her eyes yellow and blah blah and he continued to interrupt and flirt with me and tell me how beautiful my eyes were I was soo frusterated. They next day we went to teach the law of chastity and he was there again. I was like oh no....even more awkward!! But soon he left cause I kept ignoring him. Answered prayers haha. Well I have more stories but no time. I love you all.....


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