Mission Time In Cebu

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Musta...from Bogo...

By the way for a package can you send 3 of the small book of mormons really handy for me and my companions backs. much lighter. They are like the really mini ones. Also if you could burn maybe the prince of egypt cd or something music is such a blessing here in the mission and I would really appreciate more music. It can be like prince of egypt that is allowed or more EFY anything that isn't romantic or loud or entertaining lang.

Well this week has been super hard and very amazing also. The day before transfers I got to see Marlon and Jenalyn be baptized...what a special experience. The spirit was sooo strong and they were just glowing, I am blessed to have very strong converts. S. Mamming and her family (the family that are in most of the pictures) kept hugging me and squeezing me like she wasn't ever going to let go. S. Delilah cried and I lost it a couple times saying goodbye. It was probably one of the hardest goodbyes I have ever had to make. B/C who knows when we will see each other ever again. I think about them allll the time, but I am ready for the challenge in Bogo and E. Allen is in my district which is really fun.

Yes Bogo is way more remote. Actually breathe taking at some points. The drive was about 3 hours by bus...a lot along the coast and everyday I am hiking. I love it!!! I am the first american sister here ever so I sort of feel like a celebrity b/c everyone is soo excited to see and talk to me...just walking here I had a man yell "sister you are soo beautiful your eyes just sparkle when you always smile." haha. We have a lot of new investigators just b/c I am american. The area is very challenging though. Lots of problems, and I mean lots! but I am up for the challenge. I know it will be another miracle area.

None of us have seen Elder Johnson we were wondering if he is still alive...E. Allen and I were talking about him the other day and said if anyone could handle his challenges its him, you can pass that along to him. I know he has had a very hard mission. But, I'm glad he is being obedient I've been lucky with very obedient companions soo no worries. Speaking of my companions I am blessed with another very amazing companion...we laugh a lot and since we are the only two sisters in the zone we laugh a lot at our Elders. We had a district CSP (community service project) we were building a house and it was funny to see the Elders trying to crack these rocks.

I like scott's morph suit. I need pictures everyone keeps asking for them, and taking the ones I already have...my favorite thing is pictures. I had a woman the other day that really really wants me to marry her son. She kept begging me and said she would come to church if I would sit by her son....haha then I found out he is only 12 years old....haha. So our mode of transportation is a motorcycle with a box car on the side...sooo fun! I love it! Its funny to see our district leader E. Hardin ride in it b/c he is 6'5" haha barely fits. You would all just love my area...it is gorgeous and there is a ocean breeze always soo its not as hott. I just feel like I am on the biggest adventure of my life, I LOVE it!! I don't think I can ever go home...even though I miss you all soo much...but it breaks my heart thinking about leaving this place ever. E. Allen told me I have less than a year left and I was soo sad. But its okay no regrets yet. Love you all!!!!! Send my best wishes to everyone. The church is true.



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