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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bogo 3/8/11

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKEY!!!! I felt soo bad I never said it to Dad on his birthday...but I always think about all of you on your birthdays...I love you soo much.

I am soo happy that Janessa is serving a mission...I just think every girl should serve. But I am very biased. And I received letters from Emily and Virginia...its always fun to get those surprise letters you don't expect, letters are definitely the best thing. Oh and by the way I've been receiving letters from all my converts....and I am proud to say ALL are very active and even fellow shipping the new investigators in Mabolo. I feel like such a proud mama, I am one lucky missionary to have these people in my life.

Oh and we are looking forward to HOPEFULLY 5 baptisms this March...HOPEFULLY!! But you know how things go, Satan is strong...but God is stronger. I always joke how our investigators are like little caterpillars waiting to hatch out of their cocoons...soo corny..I know. But its soo true, they always start out soo shy and nervous (to pray especially or even answer questions-filipino culture usually) but then they just become these strong, amazing people that are examples to me.

That dinner for Brookey just sounds amazing...can that be my homecoming dinner..haha? (I told Cari that Brooke chose bbq'd cheeseburgers, tater tots, macaroni salad, and cheescake for her birthday dinner) Tell Brooke I'll bring her home a dog, I sent you a picture of one, you'll just love him. By the way we found a huge lizzard in our apartment last night, apparently they can jump on you and if they do...you can't remove it bc it will pull off your skin with it, so you just have to wait until it wants to get off you. I was a little scared, but he's gone now. I took a picture, don't worry.

I went to the temple today...got to take another beautiful drive on the coast with the sunrise. Life just does not get better. I saw all my MTC batch again except for Schenk and Johnson. I have seen Elder McBride last transfer his first day but didn't get a chance to talk to him.

What picture of me is on the wall? haha.

The lice is gone, we had some investigators and members pulling lice out of my hair again..haha. They love to do it, they say it makes them happy. So I give the people what they want.

I am glad Scott is not dating...FOCUS on the mission...girls are trouble.haha. He's still little Scotty to me. Courtney SHOULD NOT transfer to the UofU terrible place (jk....but BYU is better) Most of the missionaries are not BYU fans haha. Unsa pa?

You would just love my people here...its amazing to see the change in these people and their testimony, pray for my investigators, pray for my converts.

I have been praying and fasting for Richard's son. I just feel soo comforted about it...that everything will be okay. I know the Lord is always protecting us and everything is in the Lord's hands if we are living the right way. I pray and fast for your family mom and even testify about them to my investigators I know there are miracles about to happen. I just know it. I feel it as I talk about it with my investigators. I know this mission is such a miracle I can't talk about it without getting emotional. I just wish I had more time. WALAY TIME! Its true I am soo tired but I just wish I had the energy to just run to every appointment....I feel your prayers. I feel close to you all everyday, closer than I even felt when I was living with you. B/c now I know, now I know what I have talked about my whole life up until now, is real. Its not just words its my life. I heard a testimony where a missionary said "The way I walk is my testimony, the way I talk and act is my testimony." Soo true...the way we live our lives is our testimony. Love you all....


Cari (carry on!!!)

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