Mission Time In Cebu

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hump Week

So yes Bogo Zone is being translated, we have NO TRANSFERS this transfer....absolutely amazing, except for one of the Zone leaders who translated with out us, he is now AP. I swear all the Aps come from Bogo. So my admirer has laid off a little bit, I think he left a hand made wooden flower on my door step, but now he only calls me idol and says he misses me. He doesnt attempt to talk to me too much. Sounds like your cruise was absolutely amazing, jealous kaayo especially since b/c I have fallen in love with the Book of Mormon on my mission I would love to see that. So last week I spoke again on the spot during sacrament meeting, I'm getting pretty used to that, and this week I get to teach primary!!! Which I'm really excited about, I just love the kids here...last week I did the singing time. We have some good investigators. Jerson, is a 14 yr old boy we found by doing quick I2ls just inviting to church, and he showed up. He has a past but he is really changing and has even started to memorize the articles of faith. He is participating in the youth dance for the jubilee this may. and is really excited. We also have a single mother who also is find a real love for the gospel. Our lessons are very spiritual, I cried last time when talking about the temple and seeing you two in the celestial room for the first time. I told her it was a glimpse of heaven. I always use our family for an example. haha. So if things keep going right we should be having some baptisms again this month!!! YAY!! my greatest joy. Other than that, not too much has happened.

I'm really sorry about Dan...wow. He needs to be careful, but I'm probably the last one to be saying that...every time I see this tall coconut tree I just want to climb it...there are little grooves to put your feet in so you can climb up. Luckily I have smarter companions and they would never let me do it. Especially in a skirt, I'm trying to obey missionary conduct, but that is probably the hardest thing for me...haha. I'm trying to become sister like. We had a basketball game this morning and I was trying really hard not to be competitive and guard the elders. haha. I'll be more careful after my mission, I know God protected me so that I could serve here...but after that I probably wont have the same protection..haha. Tell Dan he is in my prayers and I think I sent him a letter which he should be getting soon.

My lice is getting better...slowly losing it. I'm jealous you held a gator....so far I've only held snakes and a huge biting lizard...that will be in the picture cd I just sent. He was killed right after and skinned, Elder Frecker has the skin...seriously the elders souvenirs are soo weird. I will continue to pray for aunt cathe...I fasted for her and Richard's little boy. I know miracles happen. They really do!!! Love you all soo much!!! Be happy everyday we have the Gospel!! I feel close to you all everyday, and use you in my lessons and testimonies. Continue to share your experiences.

Love you all,

Carry on!

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