Mission Time In Cebu

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So I have had a little bit of an adventure this week. Before I get into all the gruesome details. I just wanted to tell you yes I love blood stew...haha. I didn't know that I had been eating it reguraly until last week. oops. Oh and our baptisms were wonderful, I felt the spirit soo strong and they were soo happy. Even little michael was behaved all through out church the next day. Also I spoke on sunday again and told them how my happiest joy comes from seeing the people you love be baptized. We also had a family that has been having very many problems start family prayer and there have been miracles in their family relationships from that. I hope they continue. So now here is the story...

So we all know that I am not to bright when it comes to injuries. Yes I do have a lot of pride. So we were walking from our wonderful baptisms and I have severe aching crazy pain in my foot. I was limping pretty bad, but I didn't want to tell S. Martin so I told her I just needed new shoes. Well we keep on working but our appointments fall through. So when we get home I just have a little blister so I ignore it. The next day we go to church and I have tolerable pain, but when we get home I am once again in super severe pain but no sign of an injury. So yes we work the whole day...and I have a high pain tolerance but it was excrutiating. We thought maybe we should text sister hansen, but I was like no lets wait and see if it heals. I was taking so anit biotics and the next day we went to district meeting and my entire foot was swollen and all the Elders were like YES YOU SHOULD TEXT S> HANSEN and you SHOULD NOT be working. OF course I said I was fine, I had taken excedrin and then we were walking to the CSP and I found another stalker that we have pictures of yes!! He kept talking to me and I told him one of the elders was my husband and he is very angry. haha but he still wouldnt leave me alone. We have pictures dont you worry. So finally we got ahold of S. Hansen and she said that yes I have a medical emergency and I need to come to Cebu. That the disease could be serious and if it reaches my heart I could die, or also lose my foot. She said supposedly the pain is soo bad I should be on cruches and was suprised I had been walking...haha. oops. well...of course we are never down in our Bogo Zone. The elders started to make jokes that I would end up as one of the videos on mormon.org. and be a one legged skier and saying "I'm Cari, I'm a missionary, I'm an amputee and I'm a mormon." and they would be soo proud to say they knew me. haha so we laughed the whole time. But I was a little scared...my foot looked pretty bad. But I wasn't gonna let it get me down. S. martin and I took the 4 hour bus ride to cebu packed up for 4 days and we went to the hospital and met the APs there that night. Yes and we i2led the whole way there...haha. The doctor told me that yes I do have cellulitis. (yes...that disease) and I can't work for at least 3 days...and she gave me a whole bunch of pills and if I develop a fever or it gets worse I have to be admitted into the hospital. So I have been chilling (slightly going crazy) in the apas apartment with 4 sisters and s martin. But they do have a hot shower which I havent experienced for the past 10 months. I think I can leave tomorrow DONT WORRY b/c I think that my foot looks better. Its really hard being confined to an apt. when your a missionary. I miss the work, and feel guilty for not working. Its like I feel like there is some way we could be working AND I worry about the area. But we've had a little fun, we found a way to hook up the tv and watch some proselyting videos and the sisters are fun here. SO DON"T WORRY, I just had another adventure. Oh and mail me those letters I would love to read them, and I love you all. Don't worry about me even when I was scared I read my setting apart blessing that I would be safe from sickness and injury and just knew everything would be all right, so we just tried to laugh the whole trip and make fun of the whole situation. Well love you all...sorry I never have time for the internet to long.

Ayo AYo


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