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Thursday, June 2, 2011

5/17 - "So DON'T WORRY"

I'm pretty sure she knows I'm going to worry! Ha Ha! ~Jeanette

Well...I am now known as one of the most hazardous sister in the mission. Yes, I am back in Cebu City again b/c yes, I had to go to the hospital again!!! I think I am soo much of a hazard, I will probably never get to go off Cebu island. I have three very swollen, infected fingers, so I have been put on anitbiotics. President Hansen said we are doing so well in Bogo we need to go through some trials. I am taking very good are of them b/c I DONT want to lose my fingers so DONT WORRY!!! I am doing all that I can. We don’t know why they are infected really and three at the same time. But I got a blessing and in the blessing elder Neufeld said DONT WORRY!! so DONT WORRY! We just partied down in the hospital and I got to see Elder Pasikala so tell his mom hi and I got to see Elder McBride and Sister Person. So I am happy. Sister Hansen also takes such good care of us, so DONT WORRY! haha

As for this week...Its been good, we had an amazing baptism, loved it. I just love Christian...we took him to Danao with us the next day to see the Jubilee; the area presidency got to be there. It was soo fun, but Christian got really carsick...hes not used to riding in cars and threw up the whole time...and we kept feeding him too haha. and we also went on the most amazing drive in the mountains...im taking you there if you come, there is a huge mountain that looks like a sleeping giant. Even though Christian was sick the whole time he said he had fun...haha. He just laid in my lap the whole time, and I kept buying him Pepsi. All the dances were so cute by the way...the Filipino culture is amazing!!

So we’re pretty sure our house is haunted and full of termites so we have been looking for a house to move into, but I think I’m transferring next transfer so I don’t really have a say in what happens. I’m going to cry...I HATE TRANSFERS! and I am just so in love with the people right now. We had an amazing lesson with Reya and I see how much she wants to change. I know she will be baptized. I’m going to miss soo many people here. One of my converts- Montessa asked me if she could save up her money so she could take me on a Ferris wheel ride before transfers...haha. I just love her, she has a notebook I gave her where she drew all these hearts and said sister Robison is her favorite missionary, I was soo touched. .

I told sister H that you are looking for a man for her in America, she says you have the go ahead,,, she said GO GO GO! haha. Now your giving my ward members referrals huh? ahaa....

I would LOVE it if you bought a house boat!! I cant wait to finally go in the water again....

by the way got my package from the Mcpeaks!! LOVED IT!! IT WAS PERFECT! I wrote them a letter, hopefully they get within the next couple weeks.

By the way pray for our zone Bogo is a very sad zone right now. One elder has tuberculosis, so he is in exile right now...no work for two weeks. Another just came down with us to the hospital to get surgery on his mole that might be cancerous. We took videos and pictures during the surgery...haha. and then my fingers so our zone could use a little extra prayers we have only 1 1/2 weeks left until transfers.

...obedience is key as a successful missionary. If you’re doing all you can that’s what counts. I have learned that it is not to be recognized by others that matters its only what Heavenly Father thinks. I can always improve; I want to improve myself too as a missionary. We’ve had a tough transfer being completely focused b/c of all the problems in the zone, moving houses sickness, stalkers...Satan has thrown everything at us to get us distracted and honestly it has worked a little so I learned these past couple days I need to become more focused again and get back on track and focus on what really matters...THIS WORK. THESE PEOPLE. You’ll understand more when I come home and talk to you about everything....

Just know I am still soo happy. Even though my fingers are about to fall off...haha. I have pictures pretty gruesome. But I am taking such good care of them, which I usually don’t do. You would be proud and sister yanoyan is a nurse.

Well I just want to let you know....love skype, miss you soo much!! Im working hard. We had a little hardship this week, One of my converts has completely hardened her heart, it has nothing to do with us....her little brother was supposed to be baptized this week but the whole family that came back to church has just totally fallen. So please pray for them. I don’t know what is happening. I’m really worried. They don’t come to church any more and always have excuses. That is the most difficult heartbreaking part of a mission. Seeing someone you love just fall away, especially after they were baptized. Soo please pray, the mission isn’t always success and miracles 95% is disappointments and hard work....but its worth it for the 5% success...well I love you all. I feel you prayers!!

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