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Thursday, June 2, 2011

5/10 - Bogo

Note from Cari's mom: It is my goal to never misss a week of writing Cari. She has been pretty consistent about what time she sends her emails every Tues., so I thought I still had time to write, but this week she was about 1 hour early, so when I sat down to write her, I got this sad message... Well, it turned out ok, since we were able to email back and forth for a few minutes.

So even though I don’t have an email from Mom, I am still emailing, the only reason I am not crying is b/c I can skype tomorrow at 9 am. So be there at the computer or you will have a very disappointed missionary daughter. week has been successful. We had 3 inactive families come to church that we taught this week. We had an area attack in the zone leaders area and I went on splits with two amazing nanay's that just love to share the gospel. If we had more members like them the world would be Zion. They were on fire and we found three amazing new investigators for the elders... I just loved them! I think they will be baptized even though it was only the first lesson.

On Sunday we were blasted with the spirituality of president Hansen at district conference. I was just amazed about what he said about sustaining our leaders, he is so inspired. I will definitely think differently when I raise my hand to sustain callings. After that we had a missionary fireside with the district and we taught a work shop on sharing the gospel with our friends so we could get referrals from the members. I had an object lesson where I had two pieces of cake and I explained that the blessings from the gospel are like chocolate cake and I asked who wanted chocolate cake. One of the elders was so excited he almost stood up when he raised his hand, and then I called on another member of the audience. So the member came up got his cake and was eating it and then the elder came up to get his cake and I just shoved it in his face and smeared it all over his ear. Everyone was laughing and he was shocked. I told them that the blessings are the same from the gospel and it depends on how we deliver it and share the gospel to see if they really want those blessings. Everyone loved it and one of the members told me he wants to use the idea for the presentation he is giving at work. so hopefully we get a lot of referrals now...haha.

This week was Elder Swicegoods birthday...we made him a fiesta float and ate the rest of the cakes...and he treated us to american pizza!! I forgot that i missed american food. haha. Theres a pizza shop in Bogo where all the old american joes hang out...haha.

Right now we are getting ready to go to the temple...yes!! I love it. Oh by the way, I ate sting ray and loved it!! AND this week we are going down to Danao for the jubilee celebration!! I am sooo excited!!! We are bringing our investigator Reya, we cant wait!!

By the way this is the email from president we are all on cloud 9

“I too have witnessed a miracle this week in connection with the Bogo District that takes the number one spot in the multitude of miracles I have witnessed over the years. I know that the Lord has His eye on that district and that the future is very bright for it. Your zone has truly contributed to the miracle by loving the people. This is what the people have lacked for so long.......I hope your example transposes to the members.....Thanks for your email. It is indicative of your testimony. Pres.Hansen”

Also the fact that he announced that Bogo has one of the best sets of missionaries they have ever had right now and that is coming from president Hansen. I just love our Zone, don’t let me transfer in two weeks....ahhh!!! Hopefully not!! Well I hope I can skype with you all tomorrow.


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