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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Staying in Calape!

IM STAYING IN CALAPE!!! S. Bosio and I will be together for 3 transfers so yes I am the Queen of Bohol. 7 1/2 months here. and I will be dying here.....I am sooo excited about that...I jumped up and down for joy. This miracle is not done yet!! and the Lord knows it!! So smile....Ill be coming home with a bohol accent. :)

This week has been intense....I cant believe the miracles I have been seeing!!!! We had for the 5th week in a row 100+ go to church. I think this was the highest number I have ever seen. And we had 4 investigators just from our little community go and they even skipped breakfast to go which is HUGE for filipinos. I was in tears I was so overjoyed with happiness. There was a new light that day in the church. I bore my testimony and was in tears, I could barely speak....b/c how much I was touched. While I was bearing testimony this over consuming love came over me for the filipino people. I could feel how much Heavenly Father loves this little filipino nation....and he notices all of their sacrifices. He hears every one of their prayers, and even though some of them might feel insignificant, they mean the world to him. I am forever touched by their sacrifices, even from our investigators. They sacrifice soo much to go to church. We have been seeing record high numbers going to church, in this little branch and its getting to be a constant success every sunday. This December we’re looking forward to some baptisms, hopefully 4...all adults. so we will be hitting the pavement hard! We are on the verge of a huge miracle, and there is no time for trunkiness.

As for fun we went up to the top of the mountains yesterday and you could see all of our area. Its was AMAZING. I love it up there. We need community service. Oh and we found out our invetigators are really weird...haha. B. Al said he would come to church if we promise not to talk to him. haha. He is one of my favorite investigators right now. Before, he was pretty hard headed. He had learned all these bible verses from his pastor and would throw out all this stuff at us. Well...Im glad I have been studying b/c we were able to answer all of his questions, and he got kinda confused cause he couldnt throw us off our game. I love investigators like that. and now he says he believes it, b/c he cant argue anymore. We’re still working with him, b/c he actually needs a testimony. but gradually this will happen. We have some amazing investigators, please pray for them. I am just soo happy with the work here. NO, I have not wasted 1 day of my mission. I love my mission, I am sprinting to the end.

oh I forgot to tell you, we ran into a former investigator the other day and we were kinda teasing him asking why he hasnt been to church and he said that, hes soo busy. and I asked him why he is so busy...what is he doing and hes like oh you know, reading...and im like reading what? and hes like oh the Book of Mormon...pshh. I was like oh thats a new one...so yes I think this is the first time in the history of the world that the thing that is stopping someone from coming to the church is b/c they are too busy reading the book of mormon...haha.

So itll be fun, everyone thought I was transferring so everyone’s been giving us food and saying goodbye and president nueva already thanked me for my hard work...and so they’ll be surprised knowing that im staying. There is a new light here. For the first time people are excited about missionary work....they have never seen these miracles happening. I love this area, these people. I hope you know, I have faith now. I have faith that the lord works miracles. I am touched that my mission is helping others. I know its a blessing to our family. we are all missionaries. I will never be the same. I never before thought of myself as weak, but I look back on the way I use to be and my priorities and my mistakes and its all changed. I love the Lord more than anything. I will be a missionary my whole life.

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