Mission Time In Cebu

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So were converting a whole community right now. Well its in the really beginning prospects. We found an investigator who was left at 9yrs old by her parents and she had to take care or 4 younger kids and they just had to go find food and whatever. Can you believe that? 9yrs old and she had to take care of 4 little kids. and if her parents ever came back they would beat her. She is soo strong and she was crying when she was telling us...look at these peoples lives. I will never be the same, I dont think people can really understand life until they know and love and live with people like this. I love these people soo much. They are poor and they said that if I transfer next week theyll kill a chicken and grill it for me....they are soo amazing and I am always touched by their love and concern for me. Were like famous in this community I love them all soo much.

Oh BTW yes there are transfers next week, hopefully I dont transfer....

YEs so halloween is like it is in mexico, they just all go to the cemetery and respect the ead, it was hard to proselyte b/c noone was home. We had FHE with th strouds and I learned soo much from them as always.

I went to my last training w/ sister Bosio, I love riding the boat to Cebu, and seeing everyone and president.

Sorry, Im boring....not too much is happening but I love the work and am exhuasted. We are working SOO hard and we just got back from climbing a mountain.... love you all carry on! I have the best mission ever

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