Mission Time In Cebu

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"You can't fully believe in Jesus Christ if you don't believe in his prophet"

I’m really excited about this apartment it is really an answer prayer so thank you for helping me on that. Please read or watch this talk on BYU.tv its His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox, it has changed my perspective a lot. You will love it.

As for my week....its been amazing!!! Every week is amazing and heavenly Father has been giving me very special experiences so I have been able to see the change in my heart and life from my mission. I am soo abundantly blessed.... I have been doing a lot of looking back and a lot of looking forward. My heart is changed, I have been witnessing the grace of the savior in my life. I am a changed person. I can’t believe how much I have progressed spiritually in just 18 months. This has been my biggest blessing, I dont know if I would have arrived at this point if I had never served. I know i wouldnt have for a very long time. The Lord has been opening my eyes the past couple of weeks and I was reading my patriarchal blessing this morning and it said "The lord has blessed you with understanding that you would be aware of the responsibilities you have in life" I always wondered b/c my blessing is pretty vague. But I know now, that the Lord has blessed me with this understanding. I know my mission is not ending in 5 weeks. Its just beginning, the Lord has slowly been showing me what I need to do and I have some work ahead of me and im excited. I now know how to receive revelation and talk with my Father and Heaven. Im not afraid, I know my or his plans and Im thankful for the guidance of my Savior through prayer and study. All I can say my eyes are opened, and I know how to talk with my HF.

As for our area....its really progressing we had 8 ppl go to church, our community wasnt able b/c they had to harvest rice, were still working on their testimonies. but that community is BLOOMING, they are even sharing the gospel with their friends. As for elai...I think wedding bells will be ringing soon and you know what that means!! shes going swimming! ya!! Were having just such huge success I love it and GRABEH we are working for it. Sprinting to this finish....no time for breaks. we had 90+ at sacrament again!! 7th week in a row. the branch is getting steady, everyone is excited, its crazy. WHAT A MIRACLE!! We had our bible bashing B. Al go to church. I’ve gotten really bold with him, in my old age here in the mission. I told him NO he cannot be saved if he doesnt believe in Joseph Smith. And he asked well what if I believe in Jesus Christ and I said you cant fully believe in Jesus Christ if you dont believe in his prophet. He was taken aback but he came to church the next day. I toldl him if he came to church and didnt work on Sunday he would catch more fish on Monday to Saturday then he ever has before. I told him his salvation is depending on the things he’s doing right now, going to church, reading and praying and preparing for baptism. I’m telling a lot of people that. I love boldness, why should we be afraid to share what’s true?

Yesterday we went to the elders area in inabunga and climbed 6 mountains, we went to the house in a middle of nowhere and chopped wood planted corn and killed a chicken and ate it. I’ve really gotten to be a native. It wasn’t as bad a the pig though.

I have so many stories for you when I get home that I don’t wanna write right now but I cant wait to share them all I love you all soo much. I got your package and I gave everything away....everyone loved everything. thank you so much mom....your such a mom. You just know! I love you for that.


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