Mission Time In Cebu

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Your letter almost made me cry. This week has been very difficult. I have been singing the hymn "Count Your Blessings" all week.

We only had two baptisms on Saturday. Actually I was super depressed before and then I remembered I am soo ungrateful b/c the Lord gave us 2 baptisms!! and they were absolutely amazing!! Zaldy and Vanessa one of the children. Zaldy is just soo amazing and was glowing. And Vanessa's Grandpa who has been inactive for about 20 years returned to church. He even got a haircut before. The Grandma's testimony was absolutely beautiful and people were in tears. She has been going to church alone for soo long and now two of her loved ones have joined her in God's church. It was such a sweet spirit. The two other Grandchildren were facing a lot of persecution from their parents or something and their spirit has totally changed. They used to be our friends and now they won't even look at us. absolutely heartbreaking. Plus, all of our investigators are having problems right now. But, once again I have sooo much to be grateful for...Marlon and Jenalyn should be baptized on January 20th a day before transfers. And I've been planning a lot of activities for the ward to get them involved like a ward CSP, ward talent show, and missionary fireside. They were all excited about it.

Lots of our investigators are sick or facing persecutions so please pray for them. By the way Delilah's live in partner went to church!!! She bore a beautiful testimony during sacrament meeting lots of tears and the ward members were touched.

Mom and Dad this has been a very hard week lots of heart aches, and I need your prayers same with S. Falculan. I won't write anything negative. I'm just dealing with it. Don't be worried b/c it will all be resolved soon. We just need support from home.

HAHA...by the way I totally forgot I wrote that stuff...oops. hahaha. I will be nicer now when I come home...hopefully. I still tease the Elders soo maybe not. I'm glad Dan and everyone got my letters, just tell him to email me. I need lots of love now. And I love how Chelsea emails you about her mission and not me, tell her thanks a lot...haha.

So this week is hard but I can't help feeling grateful. So don't worry I really will be okay. A mission wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't hard right? I really have learned soooo much and am really overcoming weaknesses and really feel close to my Heavenly Father right now. Love you all soo much!!!



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