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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Off To Bogo I Go!!!

So yes I am finally being transferred-BOGO. I'm not sure my feelings, of course my adventurous side was just itching to transfer and is soo excited. But my sentimental side is really having a hard time. But at least Bogo sounds pretty awesome, it is the northern part of Cebu, pretty rural, lots of sugar cane and corn field and white sand beaches-very different from Mabolo. But, I am going to miss my companion and especially my people here in Mabolo. Mabolo is my little miracle area and its soo hard to leave. People have just been saying the nicest things and I know I will always be in their heart. I haven't told them yet I'm transferring, I'm sure its going to be super sad. I love them soo much, but I feel that I have done everything I can for Mabolo, put in my heart and soul and I know it is progressing now. Sister Brand (the girl that emailed you) is replacing me. S. Falculan is training. The baptism is tomorrow...and I'm soo excited!!!

Mom I am soo proud of you about your efforts. I have learned never ever be afraid to share the Gospel. I gave a talk last Sunday on the canary with gray on his wings. I have learned although we are all so imperfect gyud the Lord makes us worthy in our callings. And he even called unlearned fisherman to be his prophets. So we should never be afraid b/c this is the most important, rewarding, beautiful work there is. I will never be afraid again. Referrals our the best way to help the missionaries and the work of the lord. If we let our fears get in the way then we are thinking of ourselves and not the Lord.

I'm glad you got my pictures. By the way those little kids are probably some of my favorite kids ever. I am their giant jungle gym and I have soo much fun. haha. sometimes I have too much fun. Oops missionary conduct..haha. The little boy in the blue is PonPon. His mom told them that I would not be coming back-just joking and he ran over to the door and slammed is shut and blocked the entire door with his body so I could not leave...haha. sooo funny.

Wow I really don't want to leave Mabolo, before I wanted to explore the Philippines soo badly and travel but now its really about the people for me and I decided wow I really hate transfers. But I trust in the Lord and his purpose for me. At first I didn't want to be in Mabolo and was counting the days before transfers...but now I don't want to leave!. Delilah and her wedding are progressing by the way, we have been finding creative ways to help her earn money...shes been sewing our skirts for us..haha. After this experience I will never doubt the Lord and his revelation for me. I know he has such a plan for me to follow and I already have made soo many eternal friends and have watched such miracles happen. I know if we trust in the Lord all is possible and there is no reason to doubt or fear. Continue to share the Gospel with everyone...that is the most valuable way we can show our love to our Heavenly Father by helping his children. We have been committing everyone to prayerfully prepare a friend or family member for the missionaries to share with them next week. I know many blessing will come from it for everyone. So I want to commit you all to do the same, the blessings are far greater than we can imagine. Love you all!!!


Oh by the way my favorite ward member wants to come to America and marry uncle Rod....hahahahaha.

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