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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last Week Before Transfers

So Everything is GOOD!!!! Maayo Kaayo...haha. Don't be curious the story isn't that interesting anymore. BUT, I should have wrote this last week, but I was soo frazzled about everything I forgot.

So Mabolo area is literally a miracle area, I can't believe how blessed I am to serve in this area which I love soo much now. I remember how much I used to hate it, and I just wanted to be in the mountains or on the beach like most of the missionaries, but I am even more lucky b/c this area is such an amazing miracle. We have been working SOOO HARD!! Mission President probably gave us one of the best compliments I could think of. He said that our area has progressed the most since our companionship then he has seen in the whole mission. Through sacrifice and hard work I have been able to experience this blessing.

We had 13 investigators at church on Sunday...WOW :) and 4 of them were teenage boys that were friends with Zaldy. They want to be baptized as soon as they give up drinking and smoking. (they've progressed a lot on that:) ) they are fun to teach too. We also finally got a mother to go to church and she hasn't been in maybe 10 years or longer. Hopefully finally her three kids can be baptized soon!!! We should have 2 more baptisms on January 20th...husband and wife!!! They have two little kids and I love them, we have been worried about them but finally!!! So will probably have experienced 9 baptisms before I transfer next week. What a miracle..huh? Before there has only been 2 in an entire year!! Blessing from hard work and sacrifice from us and the previous missionaries.

I'm a little worried about transfers but I have learned to trust in the Lord and wherever he puts me. No area is hard if you have the right attitude. Soo no worries, even though I was down last week, I am happy again. Actually we found out everything was going to be fine the day I emailed you but I couldn't re email. Oh by the way we moved apartments again. We are finally close to our area. So so far I have been in only one area and three different apartments...haha.

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