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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AYAW KABALAKA!!! Dont worry!!

Not much slows this girl down! I am so grateful she is healing and listening to her body. She will be transferring next week. They watch conference a week late there, so she hasn't seen it yet. The prank she is referring to is for April Fools Day Courtney made some brownies with something added to them that made all of us....well to put it delicately, see blue when we went to the bathroom. Then Brooke pulled the old, "Hey dad, can you roll this quarter down your face?" Which Rich fell for and had a black line running down his face that he didn't know about until he looked in the mirror. Yes, they had fun! And, yes, I was slightly freaking out this week over Cari's infection. I guess I need to be more faithful, but I can't help being a mom.


So I'm okay...I finished my medicine and the swelling has gone down. But, I cant lie...I dont know how to take it easy, but I know my limits I always do. We only worked two days, I was super weak so I took it a little easier. We have just had a blast this week. I'm going to miss my zone a ton, I just love these elders and my companion soo much. I don't know if I have ever had soo much fun on my mission. Byu the way all our investigators missed us a TON and were soo glad to have us back. We got to ride back up with the APs and President and Sister Hansen. I was soo glad to get back to the mountains, with my beach breeze and trees. I am not a city girl. We got to watch General Young Women's conference, which was awesome. But, I am ashamed the first time I watched that ever was on my mission. Wow...I used to take this stuff for granted soo much and now I look forward to it for months. Its like the highlight of our month for us.
Monday, we built a bridge over a river so the children would have a way to walk to school. So FUN. E. Hardin and I made a poll vault or the river, all the other Elders wouldn't do it...but we had fun. Don't worry I have a classic video, I couldn't land on my sick foot so I just completely land on the ground on my body, and then the elders were so shocked I actually did it they needed another video so I had to do it again. haha. It was soo fun but kind of hurt. haha it reminded me of the experience when I jumped off the roof with dan on to the top of a bounce house with my hurt leg. haha... Dont worry b/c I'm telling you this. I decided I will not tell everything if your going to worry. You should all be use to me by now...haha. When do I not do stuff like this? But I decided after that Mom would probably be mad at me, so I decided after that I need to take it easy...I didn't even climb up this super amazing mountain and this tree that was like 5 trees combined in one (coolest tree ever) b/c I just thought about how Mom and Sister Hansen would not be happy. I don't want a scared mom email next week. So Im settling down mom, for you.

But, today was just AMAZING!! I still cannot believe how breathe taking the Philippines is. We traveled to Botayan-no missionaries are there, so we were probably the first americans they have seen and of course I gave them all pass along cards. They are just amazing friendly people the missionaries are soo lucky who get to open the area. But there is just amazing beaches there. We hiked on the cliffs and there was just some of the most amazing views you will ever see. Then we sat right by the ocean and ate cooked fish. I am just in love with the Philippines, but transfers are next week and Pday is on tuesday by the way. So you will be getting your email on Monday night. I will miss my zone soo much. Best zone in the mission, and hopefully my next companion is just as good as S. Martin. I've had a lot of time to ponder this week and think of Joseph Smith and about how all the prophets sacrificed so much that we could have the fullness of the Gospel today, and that it is my duty to spread the truth of the Book of Mormon to everyone. I know when I see Joseph Smith and all the prophets in the BoM I want to be able to stand before them and say I testified with all my heart about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I know a lot of the power from the Book of Mormon comes from their sacrifices. Sorry I don't have to many updates on investigators and things b/c I havent been able to work too much. Which was soo hard. I spent about the whole week worrying about investigators and converts and itching to get back to work. I was soo happy to see their faces again and know that they had continues. Well most of them we had one the decided to stop. Heartbreaking, BUT we should have another baptism this saturday. Super shy investigator...she cried the first time she saw us she was soo scared. But her family is not active in the church and she is doing great now and excited for her baptism. One of our investigators w/ a baptisimal date was drunk last night during the lesson, which was hard for us too. We are having a lot of difficulties w/ our investigators. I mean our area kind of died with out us there for 5 days and with General conf. it will be hard to work a lot too and temple day the transfers moved up to wednesday. BUT we will carry on. And Bogo will continue to progress and my foot will heal. DO NOT BE WORRIED. haha.. Dad I can't believe you fall for their tricks. I had already told you about that trick when I pranked my whole ward with that. haha. funny kaayo. I laughed out loud. and I want to see turty!!! CUTE!! There are a lot of turtles here I get to see, they are cute. So once again, dont worry. I am taking care of my self and still having fun, my companion is calming me down. I know my limits though. love you all...I will continue to carry on. AND...work hard play hard. LOVE LOVE YOU ALLL! I get to see your faces soon :) *She's talking about getting to talk on video with Skype on Mother's Day



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