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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Easter!

You might be able to tell that I stressed to Cari how worried I was about her cellulitis a few weeks ago. I am now cracking up that she feels she has to constantly reassure me not to worry ~Jeanette

haha....Dad and I are connected, I split the back of my foot open by the screen door.( Cari is referring to me telling her that her dad cut his finger with a saw) But don't worry I'm okay.

Transfer day was good. I really miss our zone but our zone is pretty awesome now. My companion and I are working very very hard. Trying to focus on families...so we are FINDING FINDING FINDING!! We will hopefully be having a baptism this saturday with a 12 year old investigator who we love soo much....she is soo ready although she is only 12 yrs old. She is an example to me. Her name is Montesa and pray for her. We have a couple more on track, but we are really just looking for a lot of families now. My new companion is actually Sister yanoyan so her name is not has hard as I thought.

We had another Pday as a zone, and we ate pig ears, liver and rice on a huge banana leaf with our hands. Next week we are killing a pig, and eating him on the beach. Yes I will take a video. Oh and probaby the cd is ruined b/c our zl lost his bag and it got all rained on so I will send another one soon. sorry. This week we will be in knee deep mud planting on the beach. I\m excited even though I don't know if I will be allowed to participate b/c of my foot. The last csp we cut down weeds with machetes but I had to stop after awhile b/c we wanted to be extra careful about my foot. You know how I hate sitting around on the sidelines.

We have a bunch of plans for our ward, including area attacks where all the missionaries just work in one area for a day. I just am loving the work...I am having soo much fun, the harder I work the happier I am and the more fun I am having.

And I am excited for all my packages...Tell Rhonda thank you, and thanks mom for the clothes all of myine are pretty ruined for my horrible/lazy hand washing skills.

so here is the Filipino tradition for easter, it is huge here. They have a week off b/c they are predominately catholic here and they have these traditions where they crucify people on the cross so they can be forgiven for their sins or whip them. They don't die...well usually. So yes that is the Philippines for you. You gotta love them.

Well love you all... glad all is well, dont be to stressed mom. Love you and tell Greg thanks for the cds we all LOVE them soo nice of him!!!

Love you!! Cari

oh by the way our apartment is super weird as in SUPER WEIRD...dont be worried but we have been having our underwear stolen...underwear only, when we hang them out to dry, nothing is stolen but garments. I have now put two pairs out for bait and we have had a stake out the past couple nights. We think our apartment is haunted...if you saw it, it looks like a haunted house and we always hear noises at night, in the upstairs that we never enter. So I am living in a haunted house at this time. But we feel safe so do not worry. The Elders teased us and said we were going to be emergency transfered and I almost cried b/c I love my investigators/recent converts soo much and I couldn't stand being pulled out. But we are keeping an eye out and have to report anything else that is weird...it has happened several times since I arrived here in Bogo.

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