Mission Time In Cebu

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yes Hillary I am an idiot and keep reading b/c this will just solidify your opinions...haha. So Bogo Zone has just been FULL of problems...our car keeps breaking down so the Elders are exhausted from pushing around a car and trying to fix the dang thing. One of the Elders from our Bogo Family just went home for 6 months...but he will come back. It was really hard to see him go, but Mom he will probably friend you on facebook he has a ton of good pictures...haha. His name is Ryan Galdonez. So you can make another friend. I see Elder Bennett sometimes hes a good friend in the mission, but I am always soo overwhelmed by all the missionaries I never get to see I never get to talk to anyone very long. I see Elder Stirland sometimes his trainer is our new zone leader so we share stirland stories all the time..haha. And I have only seen Elder Johnson once for 2 minutes a long time ago. So I have no idea how he's doing.

So starting on Wednesday I got to climb a house and of course all the Elders had to try and follow...haha. I'm not a very good example for them. But, they arent good examples for me...I have been suffering from large deep cuts on the bottom of both my feet from our service project on saturday. Me and Elder frecker only got into the mud thigh deep planting in the ocean. It was soo fun I ignored the pains in my feet and when I got out their were very many pretty deep cuts, haha everyone from the district knows who I am all the leaders now b/c I was the only sister out their running through the mud...haha. So yes hillary I am an idiot and I am suffering for it, but do I have any regret? no way! haha. Dont worry I clean them three times a day and am using lots of medicine so they will not get infected. After the CSP everyone doctored me up as we waited to fix the car again! and a nanay found us sitting on the side of the road I was SOOO MUDDY she felt sorry for us...we almost looked homeless so she made us lunch. and we finally got cell phones!! yay!! Oh so when we FINALLY got home we showered and had a wonderful baptism!! That we almost had to do in the ocean b/c the water was pretty dirty, I wanted to do soo bad, all the elders usually get to baptize in the ocean. But we cleaned the water (only a little...haha) But I just LOVE montesa soo much!! She had such a beautiful testimony that she did on the spot b/c we forgot to tell her she would give one...ooops. she was soo nervous but I explained to her what to do and it was such an amazing testimony. Such a little girl with a huge spirit!! She wants to serve a mission someday just like us sisters :) I was on cloud 9. then Sunday we got to celebrate FHE with the elders montesa and the susvilla family ( myFavorite family) it was sooo fun!!! I love them soo much!!! I dont know how I will ever say goodbye. uggghhh!!! Hurts my heart... I just keep getting closer and closer to people. why is the mission full of goodbyes?

Well sunday we had an area attack all of the missionaries worked in on area to help the area, We got to hear from an area authority yesterday on how to strrengthen branches. I will seriously use all the stuff my whole life...invaluable information for future leaders of the church. Its amazing.

I worked with S. Honey on sunday we laughed about you...well I laughed about you...I was like what did my mom say? and she said you said you miss your beautiful missionary...haha. I was embarrassed and just laughed...oh thats my mom. She says your super nice.

about skype I don't know how that works. and the primary program seems like a priceless experience. I saw elder mcbride, he is sooo nice! I am always blessed with good companions though. The language is something that is always difficult, even now I sometimes just wish I was english speaking, but I am thankful to be learning and humbled. Well I love you all!!! oh wait I have bad news, yes my camera is broken. I have no idea how...so what do you want me to do? use my companions only or buy a new one? I am soo sorry!!! If you dont want to buy a new one Ill just use my companions...I dont know. Ill leave it up to you.

Well love you all...I feel your prayers!!!



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