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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Unstoppable Sister Robison

Ok...Pdays are just changed this week. President has a meeting so transfers are tomorrow. and I must really stink at english right now, b/c no I am not transferring. haha. I am getting a new companion whose name is really hard to pronounce, But i know her b/c there is only 20 plus sisters in the mission, so I know who everyone is. She is awesome and very friendly. Visyan too. Her name is sister Yangoyan. Sister Martin is transferring to mabolo. How did you get to be friends on facebook with sister Honey? haha. Thats funny.Shes in my ward. We love her. Elder allen will be a district leader in the south zone. I am soo proud of my batch. and 3 others are transferring...our zone is being split up which we are SUPER sad about...but expected. Transfer day is tomorrow...so hasn't happened yet. wow...I guess I really didnt make any sense last email.

LOVED conference!! Its like missionary christmas...and to think before I would accidently fall asleep while these spiritual giants talked. I just recieved revelation in each talk. I am really studying about temples, the priesthood and motherhood and how they all work together. Ive been getting into some pretty deep doctrine and LOVE studying. Its amazing how close to the spirit and how there are no secrets just sacred things that the Lord has to open your heart too. But literally everything is in the scriptures. I am really finding out how little I do know.

So my foot is basically healed. The Lord must love me b/c I gave it literally no rest. I figure I have one time to be in the philippines on a mission and it is short...But, don't worry I still take care of myself.

We had a beautiful baptism with Maricar. I remember when she cried the first lesson b/c she was soo afraid of us and terrified of elder hardin for the interview but she overcame it all to bless her inactive family and herself. Amazing blessings.

So yes I have ringworm now...haha. and we have termites in our apartment. yes!! haha the philippines. But ill just borrow the medicine from one of the elders...he just had it. We just printed four cds of our amazingly fun times here in Bogo...so you will love to get those. I don't know what picture your talking about...but the american elders are frecker, allen and hardin. You probably dont know their moms..haha.

Yes I heard about the sedgwicks in the talk by Elder cook. I was proud, but conference always makes me a little homesick. Its okay.

I just got back from the temple. AMAZING!!! I just saw a couple that has just been endowed and I moved from the couch so the could sit together. They were an older couple so I assumed they were converts and I was just filled with joy to the point of tears as I looked at them and thought of my converts and how they will be able to have the same experience one day b/c of their baptism. I am learning more and more the blessing of temples that I never understood before. Its amazing how real everything becomes to you on your mission, Your testimony just comes alive.

So I decided I miss american food. Even though I love the food here. I could use your cooking mom. I cannot wait to just come home and have a big family dinner. And I want all the food youve been talking about. Oh by the way we havent received americans in our mission for the past few transfers and not until August b/c there are no mtc teachers for cebuano in provo. So our american numbers are shrinking...haha. But its okay b/c I love the filipinos. I'm really gonna miss sister martin...we had soo much fun together, and worked soo hard. But at least I know she will take good care of my Mabolo and all my people there.

Well I love you all. I ate Goat this week....sooo good and balut again, I'm about eating that every week. By the way one of my favorite filipino elders is moving to utah after his mission and wants to write courtney so I'm giving him permission and pray they marry....yes!! haha Love you!! Carry on!
Love Cari

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