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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June 14 - Miracles

So we are experiencing MIRACLES here in Calape. My heart is just soo full, its amazing. We started with no investigators and now we have over 10 with baptismal dates and we will be having a baptism this saturday!!! What a miracle, and also we had 10 investigators go to church last sunday!!! I know none of this would be possible with out Heavenly Fathers help. I am just amazed and absolutely love working here in Calape. Also I got a letter from Sister Yanoyan (in Bogo) and she said that our investigator will be baptized July 2nd and one of our investigators that totally had gone down the wrong path and was burning Book of Mormons with the Jehova Witnesses has now come back and will be baptized next month too!!!! :) Plus, E. Frecker told me that my referral I had found in their area while we were doing the area attack will be baptized this month and she is super active participating in activities. I was soo happy. It was amazing the way I met her, I was on splits working in their area (when I was in bogo) and I all of our appointments fell through and so I decided to go tracting. I started talking to this lady who didnt seem interested but I felt prompted to invite her to listen to our lesson, she said she was busy but I started to be a little pushy and her being a filipina gave in. Well the lesson was awesome I totally fell in love with her right away and she cried and then I turned her over to the elders and she is being baptized now. So important to listen to the promptings and not your own judgements on people. By the way I have been studying deeply about the lost ten tribes, tree of life and second coming. I have learned some pretty amazing things...cant wait to one day discuss it with you all. Actually that is how we will be spending our pday after this...discussing deep doctorine in the church while eating mango floats...haha. love it

About 2 times a week we have to hike up this huge mountain b/c we arent allowed to ride motorcycles anymore. The views are just absolutely incredible. By the way did you see any videos on the pictures cdsI sent you? If not I need to have sister Yanoyan send them to me. I just want you to know, miracles are soo possible, the Lord is hastening his work and I am soo grateful to be in the mission field at this time. Its amazing. I love every second of it. Love you all....enjoy your summer, its the rainy season here.


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