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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June 21st – Happy Father’s Day!!! and a Peeping Tom

Thank goodness Cari was blessed with safety before her mission or I could not handle this!!

Well first of all HAPPY FATHERS DAYS DAD even if it is late. oh and before I forget did you get videos with my last cd?

So as always if the work is progressing there is going to be some distraction. So Wednesday after Pday Sister Manarin was taking a shower in the bathroom and all the sudden I hear these screams. Now Sister Manarin is not an OA sister she doesnt just overreact. But she kept screaming and screaming and I was like what is going on? she runs out of the bathroom in her towel and can barely speak she is just so terrified. So finally she tells me she saw hands...there were hands on our bathroom window. Someone had been looking in on her while she was showering. I was like ok lets be calm and all the sudden there was loud banging knocks on the front door and I go up to the window and I see three big tall guys looking in at us. Well I almost poop myself completely my stomach drops and I take sister M with me into the bedroom. The only problem is we have a large hole in our window and none of the locks are very strong. soo oops!! I put the bed up to the door and try to get ahold of the zl"s. I am feeling so hopeless b/c we have no 911 here or anything and I have no weapons. Finally after a while the zoneleaders call and I tell them they need to come now. When they get here Elder Frecker is holding two large machetes and hes with the three guys, apparently they heard sister manarin's screams and wanted to see what was going on. pastilan I dont know why they had to knock like that and look into our house. Well the elders went out in back and saw a ladder on supports so that the creeper could climb up to our bathroom window and look in on us. So it was all planned out. Our bathroom window is very tall so they definitely had to plan everything. Well Elder Frecker was mad chucked the ladder and we called the Aps. They gave us permission to sleep at the Branch Presidents house that night and the next morning we talked to the landowner and he put a strong lock on the door. Elder Frecker gave me a large machete which I sleep next to every night and Im buying a machete tomorrow to hook onto my side as I walk at night. Literally one of the creepiest things that has happened to me, Sister manarin is a little tramatized...but we are surviving and I feel calm and safe now. Now its just a good story....dont worry were being extra careful the bathroom window is boarded up now. So you said you wanted to know everything.

Other than that we had a wonderful baptism on saturday. I feel like we have been really guided by the spirit this week. I feel so protected and under the care our our HF. Also we had a super funny experience while we were teaching some new investigators. First lesson....after words one of the older ladies was I think overcome by the spirit and didnt know how to handle it so she started praying super loud and blessing everyone and yelling chants in different languages. Literally one of the strangest things I have seen. I was holding back laughter as best I could. I have never tried so hard not to laugh in my life I thought I was gonna throw up from the strain. hahaha. It was just the strangest thing ever. I pretended I was coughing but it was like 10 minutes long...haha.

Well I dont have much time. But I love this gospel...and my mission...soo many priceless moments :)

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