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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June 7th – Blessings, Goodbyes, and a Strong Testimony

I'm glad Brooke took buddy's "incident" well. Poor little guy. And I will never be converted to Tim McGraw; I guess you need to improve your missionary skills mom.

So this week! We have been working hard trying to show the Lord that we are worthy for miracles here. We now have 4 IBD's (baptisimal dates) one that will be baptized next Saturday. He is a shy 15 year old boy, who’s just great. I love him already even though he’s super shy to me.

I found a way to bless a life and receive a huge blessing. You know with my fingers I can no longer wash my clothes, so I got permission from s. Hansen to pay someone to do it. We found a widow who has 5 kids and she is just amazing. She was like “this is such a blessing from the Lord”...I felt soo happy. And she can now come to church b/c she now has money to ride the tricycle. What a miracle.

Sunday night traveled to Tagbilaran and had a sister Bohol sleep over- we had permission from president Hansen...we worked in the area a little that day and then slept over....and Monday was zone conference!! Just amazing revelation from President Hansen. He is just a spiritual giant.

I have really been studying doctrine covenants, I can’t wait to come home and discuss the things I’ve learned, AMAZING. Its super deep so I don’t completely understand everything. I still need to correct my weaknesses a little more so I can further open my spiritual eyes, but who needs TV when you have the scriptures? I just wake up say my prayers and head straight to my scriptures. Soo much fun!! Just loving it.

Zone conference was kind of sad...said bye to President and Sister Hansen they are just soo amazing. They showed us pictures of the next president and his wife they look super nice. But its gonna be weird, we all love the Hansen’s soo much. But it’s okay. As a missionary you really learn how to adjust. I’m getting soo used to goodbyes now.

By the way we’re getting portable dvd players soon, so president says the new missionaries are just gonna be at a new level. I feel the second coming is soo close the Lord is really hastening his work. I believe we will see it during our lifetime. From everything I’ve heard from the prophets I really do believe there is no time. We need to start serving the Lord now. When Christ asked Peter do you love me? Peter responded yes of course I love you and Christ said FEED MY SHEEP. Peter had soo many weaknesses he denied Christ, he was haste in his decisions and chastised so many times by Jesus Christ b/c of all of his transgressions. But at the time, in a matter of minutes Peter became the greatest apostle and a prophet of the Lord. He became the man that people gathered just to be in the shadow of him, the man who followed Jesus’ example until the end of the earth, once he realized that the only true way to show your love to Jesus Christ is through missionary work, through feeding His sheep. We need to feed His sheep, not just during a formal mission, but forever. I will never stop sharing the gospel, always. B/c I love my Savior. I realized that more than ever when we taught an anti Christ and I had to defend Jesus Christ and His divinity...declaring my testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. If we love Him we will realize the importance of His missionary work. I feel honored to be a missionary, my favorite thing to do is to put on His name everyday literally. I am thankful for every minute I have in the field. It just goes by way too quickly.

Love you all....( Im going to see some caves :)

Carry ON!!

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