Mission Time In Cebu

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Halloween!

YAY!! Thanks for the bday present...im soooo excited!!!!! I have ONE thing to look forward too....other then seeing you guys. One of my investigators looked up Courtney’s facebook, they said she’s sexy kaajo....haha. Thank you for writing s. honey I really am so grateful for her and miss her soo much, I looked for her everywhere last Thursday but only saw jimmy, I asked e.schenk how she is and he’s like she is SOO nice and I was jealous he gets to see her. I love my Bogo.

So I emailed E. Hardin’s girlfriend (about rooming with her), well see...he’s excited about it so hopefully it works out...it’ll give me an excuse to talk about my mission all the time. I know I’ll be an annoying RM who ALWAYS wants to talk about their mission. Grabeh, I’ll only want to speak visaya too.

So Satan has been attacking me pretty hard. He has been my whole mission, physically, emotionally and spiritually. But lately it’s been with nightmares. I haven’t slept well in about a month. I finally talked to the strounds about it, and they first said that I should feel complimented b/c if things are happening like that it means I’m threatening the other side. We are literally in a war, i have seen and felt satans power. There is also stuff I’ll tell you after the mish b/c i don’t want to cause a scene...but, E. Stroud dedicated our home yesterday and put angels protecting our house, I’m learning what power the priesthood has, I slept like a baby last night :) I’m soo thankful for the priesthood, and to be a soldier in the war...you know how I love opposition, I’m loving fighting this battle everyday, we have doubled the numbers going to church in Calape and are working on converting a whole barungay, but its not us...its the Lord. Every one of my areas is a miracle area, I asked the Lord to put me in the least progressing areas my whole mission, and he's blessed me with that. I've seen miracles beyond what I could have imagined and seen satans side running like scared dogs.

I get to go to Cebu again for training....yay. I love seeing president. I love my mission, actually I have been praying about coming home, and I’m somewhat excited, b/c I feel I have a lot of work to do there. Miracles aren't over. Being a servant and soldier of the war isn't over, its just beginning. The Lord is strengthening me for that. I would not be this strong without my mission. I could have never reached this level of understanding and love for the Gospel w/ out my mission. I know every good thing that will ever happen will be directly from my mission, and not a day will go by I will not think of my love for my mission. Tell grammy NO, I will NEVER run out of enthusiasm for talking about my mission, its the BEST thing and decision I have ever made. It’s who I am and a part of my heart. I feel like the grinch where your heart expands so large it breaks the xray. Thank you mom and dad...for supporting me. I am soo eternally blessed from you two and your examples. Love you carry on, put on your amour and carry your sword of truth and shield of faith everywhere you go.

(Brooke is learning to play the alto saxophone) what???? yes!!!!! I cant wait to hear her. I MISS that saxophone. I’m thinking of soo many summer plans with you guys. Don’t spend too much money on the house, cause we need to go on adventures, I’m such an adventure junkie now. Can u believe I only have 8 weeks left now? I love my mission but I crave your hugs soo much, sometimes it hurts. Being away from my family is definitely the hardest thing about the mish, and I might have a hard time going straight back to school, but I know its the best. So I wont have a car? That’s ok, I don’t need one....and what’s Courtney doing? is she ok after hearing what happened to her friend, jenny. I cried for her....i’m a little sensitive, my tender side has even gotten more evident, I cry for people I don’t even know, I’m a cry baby now. But she’s such a sweet girl and I cant believe that happened to her. I hope she is ok. I hope Courtney is ok. I’ve been thinking about them a lot and praying for her. I’m so blessed your all ok, I worry about you guys all the time, and hope I just come home to my complete healthy happy family.

Mom, I testify about your family all the time to investigators. B/c look at what your life would have been without the gospel. You know that, and I’m realizing that on my mission. What if you would have married someone else other than dad? Our family is AMAZING and soo blessed, b/c of your choices. They tell us here on our mission if you save one mother you save generations and generations. BUT, I’ve been praying about your family they aren’t lost. I hope somehow I can go there. I want to help. I want them to see what the gospel has done for me. I’ve seen Americans here, we’re teaching 2 and they had to hit rock bottom before they came back. I think your like Nephi, he found sadness in the actions of his brothers and he was probably soo alone. The strouds are probably some of the most amazing people I know and they have 10 kids and only 3 are active. I dunno, but they are always in my prayers

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