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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Half way through Transfers oh no!!

Mayoong Pasko!!

Skype was soo amazing!!! I was soo overwhelmed with happiness I forgot to tell you about my finger. So that morning I was walking past our electric fan. Its metal and it has a cover but a small opening and BOOM sliced my finger...I was bleeding a lot and S. Falculan thought I lost my thumb but I started laughing...but was in real pain...its pretty deep but I'm okay, too bad I didn't get to show you.

So we just got back from our district activity, we went to the mountain view where there was a beautiful view it was lots of fun, I really like my district. and I've heard of Elder McBride I'm excited to see him at transfers.

So Christmas was a little hard our investigator Marlon drank on Christmas Eve so his baptism is being pushed back to January 22, ONE DAY AFTER TRANSFERS! I was soo disappointed and his wife will wait to be baptized with him but we are going to try to have their baptism the Thursday before so I can still experience it. But either way I'm happy b/c both husband and wife are being baptized and they have two little kids!! Eternal families!!! Ever since he drank on Christmas eve he has really been progressing, his wife has soo much faith she went to Bohol this week to tell her family about her baptism, she took their two kids and Brother Marlon I think realized how much his missed his family. We gave him pictures we have of them and he was really touched he kissed the picture. soo cute!

We will be having 4 baptisms this Sat. and I can't wait!!! Elder Haitt will be baptizing them which is funny b/c the last investigator he baptized has a major crush on him...haha. We had a district community service yesterday...we cleaned the basketball court in the neighborhood where all our investigators live then played basketball...I LOVE playing with the kids...everyone loved our district. The APs have been teaching the live in of S. Delilah and he finally believes in the church, promised to go to church this Sunday and wants to get married. The power of faith and prayers and fasting!!! Miracle gyud!! I am soo excited for her she is one of my favorites. Her boyfriend was just very shy to listen to sisters. So the Ap's were an answer to our prayers!!!

I can't believe we are already half way through transfers. All my investigators said they don't want to think about the day I will transfer, me neither!!! I have a hard time with change and I just can't imagine loving people in another area the same way I love people here. But I know I will. I am really learning how much God has the power to change hearts.

So I am really mad right now at one of our investigators. I found out he's been treating his wife really bad and sometimes punches her. I am soo mad luckily he hasn't been around b/c I know I would have a hard time teaching him. Please pray for Sister Mamming her life is hard...she is always having to watch her three little grandchildren. She suffers a lot for the choices of her husband. So yes mom be thankful for dad!! I have seen soo many broken families and I am soooo much more thankful for my family and the choices of you and dad. Even though I'm farther away then I have ever been, I feel much closer b/c I have been able to realize my blessings!! So even though skype was hard...I was sooo thankful, and yes I was a little emotional and homesick b/c I know the next time I can see your faces again will be in person. But its okay b/c I am where the Lord wants me to be and he is eternally blessing me for reals!! I have made soo many eternal friends and I finally am doing something worthwhile everyday with my life. I love it sooo much!!! Its hard and stressful and I am always tired but I always feel a sense of true happiness and have never been soo excited for the future. I always feel soo honored to be walking to streets as the Lord's representative. and sometimes I still am in awe that I am in the Philippines.

Oh by the way my english really is suffering. S. Falculan said it is awkward for her to hear me speak english sometimes. hehe. I contacted on the jeepney in english and was trying to translate visayan to english b/c sometimes I think in visayan especially if I'm thinking about investigators or things pertaining to the gospel...haha. The mothers day phone call will be pretty confusing hahaha!!!. WELL I love you alll soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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