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Friday, December 3, 2010

Baptisms and More Miracles

Thank you for all the emails- they make my day!! Another thing for Christmas packages my investigators just LOVE church movies but I am very limited so if you have ones you don't watch like Work and the Glory, or Joseph Smith Story, or the movie about Emma Smith I WOULD LOVE THAT!!

Mabolo is amazing!!! We are working soo hard but seeing many miracles. A family that has been taught since last December, FINALLY came to church for the first time and are wanting to be baptized now!!! Miracle!!! It has been almost a year but now they are getting to where they are ready!!

I love these people soo much, my heart is soo full as in!! and last Sunday I even began to realize it more, my love for these people. We were in ward correlation meeting and we have our three baptisms coming up...one being Mariel (11 years old) The bishop and his counselors didn't want her to be baptized for the fear of her going inactive. Well lets just say I fought, I actually cried in front of the whole counsel...I mean really cried, they haven't worked with her they didn't know her faith, they don't feel the love that we and God has for her. They cannot deny her, that opportunity her opportunity for salvation and becoming a member of the church after all she has worked for, and they cannot be so hopeless to say she will go inactive. I told them all of this, while I cried...haha. Embarrassing but it softened their hearts. We have some other young investigators and I just knew they need this chance, they are precious souls and no one deserves to have that opportunity taken away. I also called Pres. Hansen and he agreed with me...so I will be talking to them again and make sure that anyone who wants to be baptized will. S. Falculan and I are speaking this Sunday...hopefully we continue to soften hearts. They are really starting to help us though, they gave our new members callings and are really starting to take us seriously, probably b/c they saw us bring 8 investigators to church last Sunday!! God is really really blessing Mabolo.

So the baptisms this Sabado are really gonna be a big event. I think half the barungay are coming....tons of investigators. We are probably going to have it in a different room then the baptismal font room b/c its too small, I cannot wait!! Lots of birthday friends and I love these soon to be baptizeees!!! I cannot wait!! Sis. Falculan says I have to stay in Mabolo one more transfer to harvest these souls we've planted...I totally agree. Our investigators say they will cry if I leave and I will too. I just love them all. S. Delilah really wants to be baptized but her live in wont marry her. So we've been really praying and fasting for her, we've been teaching her about the power of prayer and that miracles can happen. Hopefully she softens his heart...I know she will. My favorite present from my investigators are the letters I've been getting from them. Its amazing to see lives change and someone faithless grow into a rock and strong gyud member of the church. We have 15 others committed for baptism. so a lot more baptisms next transfer if I stay, keep your fingers crossed!!

Courtney I love the pumpkin pie chessecake, Mom no package yet but I can't wait....well my time is up. short kaayo!!

Love you all.


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