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Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Week

This week was amazing!!!! What an honor to spend my Birthday with three new members of the church that I LOVE!! For my Christmas package...do you have any piano books?? My investigators have just started to take piano lessons and they are obsessed!!! haha...so I want piano books for them...and movies are DVDs they love Legacy and Mormon Pioneer movies so like the Work and the Glory they just love it!!! Also maybe the foot steps poem and toys for the kids and of course more pictures!! I really only want things for my investigators...b/c I really don't need anything but pictures and a little love from home :)

Mabolo is doing AMAZING we are teaching two families.... two that are really progressing. I think we should have at least 8 baptisms next transfer...please really pray for them. There is soo much persecution in their neighborhood. S Delia's daughter is not speaking to her b/c of her baptism and she goes with out food for days sometimes. But she is soo strong and has an amazing attitude. I am trying to be as charming as possible and bring gifts for people so I can soften hearts to the church. But it is difficult...one Dad ended up slapping his daughter b/c he didn't want her to come to church...BUT she still came!!! These people are just amazing, and humble and add to my testimony EVERYDAY!! I have never worked sooo hard and been soo exhausted, we basically worked straight yesterday until 9 PM 15 minute lunch- but it is sooo worth it, I have never been soo happy and sooo in love with the work. The ward sees our progress too and are really wanting to help now b/c we have soo many investigators. I really love these people they consume my thoughts and energy...it is true that you will only be happy when you lose yourself in the work. Lose yourself for the purposes of God and then you will find yourself.

tapos, the culture here is soo different, walking the streets is very interesting...there are cock fights...they even put knives on their feet very bloody and spiders also fight to the death on the little stick and they make bets. Also Ive eaten heart and blood this week...loved the heart didn't like the blood. These people are just soo generous!! aLSO SOMETIMES PEOPLE SHOWER IN THE MIDDLE OF the street and lets just say I got flow blown exposure of a very fat man in a speedo that while partially removing his speedo to clean his hind side...haha.... I was like well hello mister..haha. Well I have NO TIME...I will try to send pictures soon...I LOVE YOU ALLL SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!


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