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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One Year Left, Sooooo Fast!!!

Siggi!! I am soo excited about skype and a little embarrassed b/c I know I will cry like a little baby in the middle of the internet cafe. haha. I have been super homesick, but its okay b/c while I'm out working I am focused on the work but when I get home and lay in bed that's when I become a little emotional well kinda a lot.

I will probably be skyping sometime around 9:00 am my time on Dec. 25 so Christmas eve for you. I'm not exactly sure your time. BUT, I don't remember my information so if you could send it to me. Thanks!!! I am soo excited.

So my Christmas will be like any day...we have to go home by 6 b/c there will be a ton of firecrackers.

Even though last week was hard....we needed to be humbled and realize that we can't do all this work on our own and then the Lord has blessed us!!! We had 11 investigators go to church. and 4 baptisms on Jan 1 and maybe 4 on Jan 8. YAYYAYAYAYAY!!! I am sooo excited, one of them is Zaldy on Jan. 1!! We are soo blessed. Obedience and hard work and lots and lots of prayers.

My stomach finally gave into the food... I was doing soo well. I almost felt like I was going to die last night. I threw up 6 times and didn't sleep at all last night. I wanted to literally die. It was coming out both ends all night and I am super weak today and I HAVE to work b/c we have to prepare these people for their interviews this Saturday so yes I am a little miserable. But its okay.

Friday we had our ward Christmas party and it was soooo fun!!!! Our investigator Marlon was sooo funny he was dancing with all the girls and he dances super funny too. Zaldy and his friends performed Love Story by Taylor Swift it was super good. We had 25 investigators at least there!! Karioke and lots of performances.

S. Alma is happy at her job now, I told her to talk to her boss and things are good now.

We went Caroling with the Senior Sisters and couples in their building on Sunday, and I learned Filipinos don't like caroling...they were all scared haha.

We loved your decorations and S. Falculan was excited about the stocking, she says thank you! and my investigators all love you and want to meet you someday.

I am soooo excited for SKYPE!!!! and really hope it works...I'm a little nervous I wont get it all figured out...

I can't believe I only have 1 year left, and only 1 month left in Mabolo. NONO NO!! I do not want to leave....even though I haven't seen very much of the Philippines yet I don't want to leave these people. By the way I have a ton of pictures but no way to send them until I get a cd. So after the baptisms I will make a cd for all of you. Late Christmas present. Well I love you all...can't wait till Saturday. So 9:00 am my time, Christmas day for me. I can't wait...Ill need to bring tissues!!!

Love, Cari

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