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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

hapit na PASKO

Musta mo?

From Sister Hansen, we can skype so just tell me when you want to do it, on my Christmas eve or Christmas?

So I will be skyping!!!!

I'm sorry about the money, I have been buying a lot of things for investigators, its really hard for me not to, but I have learned my lesson and am going to stop....its just super hard not too!! so sorry oops!!! I got my packages!! birthday and Christmas all in the same day and they were perfect!!!!! Mom you did sooo good!!! I loved them all!!! and shared everything...everyone loved it!!! I needed them too, b/c I have been having a very depressing week. Well not super depressing b/c I have been trying to be optimistic...But I know I just have 6 weeks left here and for sure I will be transferring next transfer b/c I will have been here 6 months which is usually the limit and we have soo many people soo close to baptism...but Satan is working sooo hard. I've been trying to learn that I can't do everything and I just need to rely on the Lord.

Lots of problems but we have had amazing progress with Zaldy. He is the older brother of Mariel and he was really really against the church and her baptism...and now he wants to be baptized. He usually reads about 2-3 chapters a day and has given up smoking, when before he smoked about a pack a day. Who would have thought. He is really a leader among his group of friends and the people in the neighborhood so he is really setting an example. Amazing progress!! Our other investigator family that would be baptized is having problems, apparently the husband still drinks and punched his wife in the face. So we didn't push her to go to church. So now their baptism is postponed, please please pray for them. They need lots of help.

So beginning a new transfer I have a new district three greenies-two Americans, they knew Karlie Brand in the MTC, they say shes really cool. Its fun to have greenies before I was always the newest...haha. We are going to the temple today and have zone conference tomorrow.

As for me I'm holding up, I'm really learning to rely on the Lord and not pressure myself soo hard but sometimes it feels like there is just this amazing load on my shoulders but I have been learning from the Lord that he is able to lift those burdens. I've been reading Jesus the Christ and have been crying b/c I can't believe the great sacrifice Jesus made for us. I feel closer to Him than ever before and I am somewhat able to understand His love for his brothers and sisters, as I feel that love for my investigators. By the way I'll be more careful about the money I feel bad, its just sooo hard...all my investigators are squatters and have very little money and they always give me soo much. But I will be better. Promise!! I told them all the stuff from the packages were from my mom and that made them even more excited!!! haha. They just don't get to experience the things we get to, like good chocolate or even money to buy post its and stuff. I don't think any of us understand what we take for granted.

I can't figure out how to send pictures either with this other camera so maybe another cd but those are expensive. So I dunno. grr. haha. Well thanks for for the packages again my favorite part was the card with your voices...I think i might run the batteries out soon from listening to it soo much. But the packages were soo perfect!!! Loved them!!! By the way your tree is amazing. Please tell Janet I got her package and loved it....yummy yummy!!!! and I will write her soon!!

Naghigugma ko Kaminyo!!!


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