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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Staying in Mabolo Until Next Transfer!

Well I get to stay in Mabolo one more Transfer until January 21st!!!! 6 months diri!!! I am soo happy!!! I thought for sure I would transfer after the Ap's decided to mess with my mind and tell me I will be transferring. I tried to hold back tears b/c we should have two families baptized on Christmas and I am not ready to leave my friends.

The Christmas spirit is really amazing here. There are lights and of course they have been playing Christmas music since September. Apparently their tradition is they go to bed early Christmas eve and then wake up at midnight to watch movies and feast. I thought that is kind of a fun tradition but too bad I can't join...we are having our barkada (the group of teenage boys) perform at the ward Christmas party...I am soo excited they are really opening up even though we are sisters. We just need them to stop smoking...haha. I've been wanting to play basketball with them, too bad I am always in a skirt.

So the miracle will Sister Alma. Not a miracle, her new boss treats her badly and she cannot handle all the work, we've been trying to work it out all week. Grrr. I felt like a protective mama bear, no one treats my convert like that!!!

I don't need a new camera I will just be happy with what I have and the other missionaries have those pictures they can put them on facebook after the mish. Still no birthday package, if it wasn't airmailed then it will probably take 3 months. ughhh....but ok ra. haha... tell chels I miss her a lot and have been praying for her a ton. I sent her, hillary, dan, and janice a letter hopefully they get it.

So we have sooo many investigators right now, 25 with baptismal dates....I know your worried but you always know I push myself too hard but that's how I enjoy life just going beyond what I can do. I'll probably return with less hair and bags under my eyes but I will be more beautiful on the inside, right? I think that's how I have really learned to love these people, like already they are easy to love but since I have almost given everything I have to them including ALL my energy I have truly learned to love them more than any love I have felt before. BUT, I was reading in Jesus the Christ (amazing amazing book) that he never lost his health although he was subject to a humanly body, soo don't worry I learned my lesson...we are trying to take it a little more easy.

As for my investigators they will all be excited to know I am staying...and we have a mom daughter and son with his wife scheduled for baptism on Dec. 25 so we are very excited!! My first family baptism. The husband and wife have two very cute kids too. I would send pictures but I forgot my chord, next week!!


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