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Friday, December 3, 2010

Last Week of 3rd Transfer, Sooo Fast

Well...I have some bad news. My camera was stolen....I am very depressed but staying as a happy missionary. So I need a new memory card b/c as of now I don't have one really...so if you could send me one that would be great. I know you have already sent some packages and I feel really bad, I am just devastated about the pictures, I had soo many of my investigators, my birthday and some really cool ones from the monk temple we went to last Wednesday. Pero ok ra because I had my investigators to cheer me up. I told them about my camera and every prayer they said was in hope that I would find my camera, I was really touched by the love they have for me. Mariel even said she would go to our neighbors and ask them if they've seen it.

Transfers are next week and my investigators said they've been praying I wont transfer, me too. It will break my heart. But lets not dwell on the negative, I'm just grateful I sent some pictures home...my camera I have now is really not good, but I'll work with what I've got....The most important part is my work, so I won't let anything get me down. By the way I told my investigators that you pray for them and love them and they were so pleased, I told them maybe one day you can meet...but I'm not sure. They were soo excited though.

On a more positive note, I have experienced a miracle this week. So S. Alma has been facing a lot of persecution and adversity in her job for joining the church. Her boss finally told her if she doesn't stop going to church she will lose he job. Well I told her that I would ask everyone if they knew of anything. So that Sunday I went around to everyone desperately looking for a job and NOTHING. I told her to continue to pray and I would pray every prayer for her. That night we were visiting the Senior Sisters and the Senior Couple called and said they had a job interview for her tomorrow and a live in house help...exactly what she needed, with their investigators. So the next morning we got up early got her ready for her interview and SHE GOT THE JOB! and it is a way way way better job and her employers are investigators and soo much nicer, bigger house and bigger pay and way nice neighborhood. MIRACLE! we were soo excited I was jumping up and down.

We are also teaching this other family right now and I love them soo much, our whole lesson was in tears b/c their father will not allow them to be baptized and they want soo badly to be baptized their date is christmas. The spirit was sooo strong and I felt absolutley filled with the spirit as I told them that if they exercise their faith and read and pray everyday they will get permission. We all cried, I love them sooo much and we just found out their mom is pregnant. So we will see what happens pray for them. Mom- Mildred then daughters Divine Mary Ruth and Mary Rose.

Also, right now we are teaching an entire barkada (kind of like a gang but not bad or violent) they are 16 to 22 yrs old and extremely talented musicians so we are having them perform at the ward talent show...I'm excited should be fun.

So I spent my birthday with the senior missionaries they cooked a thanksgiving dinner and we ate cake, it was fun but the next day my camera was stolen from our apartment...so happy and sad birthday. Its good I have an eternal perspective now b/c for the most part I was able to just put my heart break to the side and focus on the work. We have soo many amazing things happening right now. We should have a family baptized on December 18th. They are pretty amazing, the Husband (Marlon) had work and even though he asked he couldn't get it off and we thought for sure he wouldn't show up at church....but the next day there he was. Their faith just amazes me!!

Don't get me wrong I am a far far far from perfect missionary I see soo many weaknesses everyday and do a lot of repenting...haha. But I am working soooo hard, one night it felt the same way like when I was finishing my marathon just walking home...haha. The APs told us that President wanted to let us know he is very proud of the job we are doing right now and for turning around Mabolo. It felt good to have some more support. It is a very difficult job, I feel like I have all this weight on my shoulders and it might be good you can't see pictures of my b/c I look very tired. But I am happy happy happy, b/c God is blessing this area...sooo much!! Miracle....I am soo grateful for all of my experiences, not the lost camera yet...but I did learn to put material things aside b/c in the end they aren't important. Its funny I teach ,my investigators these principles and then I learn I have to live it also...haha.

And Mom I got your package...thank you...the calender was amazing and we are all excited for your next packages. Yes not just me my investigators also...so hopefully there is a little something in there for them. haha. Love you I testify about all of you all the time and your importance to me, Miss you all.



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