Mission Time In Cebu

Thursday, October 20, 2011

August 16th

Wow....What a week? I am still in shock from every amazing thing that has happened. First Transfer call came this morning.............drum roll.....................

IM STAYING!! YAY!!!! But,,,,Im feelin a little pregnant b/c as of friday I will have an anak.....I’m training, I’m soo scared I might poop myself again, b/c I don’t know if she’s tagalog, or visaya, If she knows english or what....aghh. I’m gonna miss Sister Manarin a ton!! We've had soo much fun and she’s been amazing comapion. This is like our area so it’ll be weird being with someone else, and I am feeling a little in over my head but I know the Lord has qualified me and will help me in this new adventure. As for Elder Frecker...he went home. We all miss him, he was an awesome zl but it was his time to return to idaho and his cowboy days. So Ill be going to Cebu this friday to have a meeting with president and pick up my daughter, and that means I’ll be in Bohol a LONG TIME....yay :)

As for you not picking me up, your plan sounds about right...perfect, I didn’t feel right ruining everyone’s christmas and stressing you, I’m sorry as a missionary I just hardly know what it feels like not to be happy...haha. whatever you want :) I just cant wait to see you all again. Court sent me pictures, I miss her we/re gonna have a blast I hope she doesn’t go on a mission RIGHT AWAY b/c I need her to help make me normal again and buy me clothes...I HAVE NO STYLE whatsoever anymore...haha. I just throw on clothes and a headband and that’s about it. I have a jack sparrow look going, but I just decided I’ll worry about my gwapa later.

Now lets get spiritual.....I had one of the most amazing lessons on my mission last thursday, we taught Armando about the priesthood, to prepare him for his baptism. Now all of us had had a special feeling about him since the day we met him. I have always felt that one day he would make an impact in the church. So this lesson we brought the strouds (our new senior couple) with us to teach him. We felt strongly about teaching him about his duty as a priesthood holder. So we taught him and then Elder Stroud testified. Now he doesn’t speak cebuano so he didn’t know exactly what was being taught or going on but he prophesied to B. Armando and told him that he feels strongly since the day he met him that he will one day be a future leader in this church and that through his priesthood he will bless and effect the lives of many others. I felt the spirit soo strongly and we were all crying and had chills going down our arms I had goosebumps I know what E. Stroud was saying was from the Lord. B. Armando has an amazing testimony and has grown so fast in just a couple weeks in the Gospel. He is very special to us and S. Marnarin and I and the strouds were talking after the lesson and I said if he was the only convert on my mission, I would come home a very successful missionary. :) He was just soo prepared. and by the way, his baptism was AMAZING!!! President and sister stroud both came along with an area authority of the 70 Elder Perez. We all sang "im trying to be like jesus" and many people were in tears. B. Armandos testimony was amazing and his future is so bright in this gospel. This is what being a missionary is about.

On Friday we were asked to help Sister Schmutz with the leadership training of the women. I think people are really beginning to like sisters in the zone now. E. Frecker said one of the branch presidents came up to him and requested sisters for their area b/c the work they have seen done in calape. That was and amazing compliment.

Sunday we had a missionary fireside where we all taught the district and afterwards the strouds got in an accident. it would had been serious but only their back was hit so they are ok just sore. When we heard though we were still at the church heard sirens and ran all the way from the church to their house. we were sooo scared, but they were ok and there was a TON of people so we took the opportunity and invited all of them to church...haha. no one was seriously hurt.

So Mom if you could make and save all the letters from president hansen and schmutz in my emails that would be great...I know i lose this email after my mission and mom...STOP COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS.....garrr. I still have a while on the mission...ha? still more people to convert and many more experiences. and 15 lbs to lose and a trainee to corrupt...jk hehe. By the way elder pasi and I are still zone buddies as you would be glad to know. oh and you can tell sister honey that sister martin went home too :( with elder frecker and my mama sister person....:( Ill miss them all. Well carry on, I love you! I’m sending pictures soon!

Love you!

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