Mission Time In Cebu

Thursday, October 20, 2011

August 30th

So we've had some interesting experiences. I think on monday we were going from an appointment and there is this strange oasis of jungle in the middle of the huge rice field, and I was curious so we had time so we decided to go tracting there. We started walking through these pathways through the rice fields until we finally found a pathway that was a lot easier and we got there and there was like this little community of people and everyone was somewhat related....and so we taught two groups of people and they had all these questions one guy had an old school book of mormon in english and he knew all about lehi and nephi and he was this super old tatay. We came back with the strouds and taught them the plan of salvation and they seemed super interested. So we are now teaching a whole little oasis island in the middle of these rice fields. Im just going to start my own little community and church there.

We were also having HUGE progress with c and her husband s, like he completely has changed and believes in Joseph Smith and wants to be married and baptized this year, but then he got called to go work on a totally different island and they had a fight before he left. But we texted him and told him to still be praying for his family and he said he was reading the Book of Mormon while waiting for the bus.

Aramando is AMAZING, holy crap he will be a future leader, he made his wife last sunday go visit less active members with him...and hes only been a member for a week!!!!! He also reads the book of mormon everyday and dreams he is Nephi at night...haha

E, is doing amazing comes to church every sunday and pays tithing FAITHFULLY every sunday and we have even started to teach her husband at 6am every other morning so that he can change they can be married and be baptized, he has made huge progress and hopefully we will see miracles from us sacrificing our sleep. Everyone says im working my child to hard, but shes a trooper dealing with me.

By the way Ive been learning soo much from the strouds their like a lifetime of knowledge, and I love talking to them, we have the best neighbors, and their really awesome to work with even though they dont know what is going on in the lessons when they work with us they kow just what to say and the spirit is very special.

We made a huge breakfast this morning with shrimp, banana pancakes, french toast, mangos blah blah blah, im getting fat from being fed by the strouds. We probably spent the last three hours talking about pokemon and old cartoons the filipinos feel asleep, they were bored and said we can never stop talking...haha.

Sister Bosio is super fun and not one of those cliche sisters, we are pretty much made to be mother and daughter, she reminds me a little of chels filipino style so we have fun....

So i havent eaten anything crazy this week except me and elder pasikala ate a huge red chili pepper and i almost died it hurt soo bad, I could feel the pain even in my ears......the filipino elders always point to weird insects on the ground and say sister robison eat...haha.

love you all...carry on!!!

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