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Thursday, October 20, 2011

July 12, 2011 ~ Following the Spirit into the Jungle

Thanks for the pictures I LOVED THEM!!! Wow,...everyone is so guapa and guapo and so grown up while I have lice, rashes all over my body from the dirty brown water we shower with...haha. Ill be the black sheep of my good looking glowing family.

As for the week, one of the best weeks, I have been full of gratitude everyday from my sweet experiences and the blessing from the Lord. I cannot even believe his amazing mercy and love for me. I just feel enveloped in his love and I am AMAZED at the miracles and guidance I have received. So this is what happened....

I have been earnestly praying and fasting for the past transfer to find a family ready to receive the Gospel. I have had great faith that this will happen. I have been praying for miracles in my area, and once again I felt strongly that this would happen. Sister Manarin and I are really working hard and trying to be good missionaries and be spiritual so we would be worthy of the blessing. So on Friday we were tracting. We were in an area of ours we didnt know well and kept walking until we kind of tracted into wilderness. I mean there were absolutely no houses, just jungle. But for some reason I felt we should continue. S. Manarin was like okay lets continue, I told her “sister there is either an extremely sweet place we’re going to or a golden family I feel it.” We were both so guided, When we got to three separate roads, I asked her what road we should take and we both pointed to the middle one. Both so in tune, we continued and finally there was a small house in the distance with a woman chopping wood. We both looked at it and said lets go there. While we were walking I said, “sister I know this is our Golden family.” We got there and started talking to the wife and she was nice and we helped her chop some wood and then we asked if we could teach her and as we began the lesson her husband came home. He started asking us all these questions, so excited. He said he knew a bunch of Mormons and said we will be at church at 8am on Sunday, I was soo full of joy and gratitude I thought I would burst. We went to church on Sunday and we had 4 investigators committed to attend but they were not there, then just before the sacrament someone said, “sister are those you investigators?” and I was like oh yes, its them. There they were, our golden family with their two daughters. I thanked heavenly father right then. We have been teaching them and I dont think they are married, but they are excited and amazing and I love them. and the branch has already embraced them. I am sooo grateful and happy to be having these experiences. I now can say I love tracting! Pray for them, I love them so much.

By the way if you ever want to read my letters to president and his reply you can just access this email. He seems really nice, Im excited to meet him, hes so genuine in his letters.

By the way if you guys come here there is the coolest adventure park, ziplining, caving, root climbing it has it all but Im not allowed to do any of it!!! But you guys can :)
go here to check it out. www.eatdanao.com I have the flyer we went last week and found out we couldnt do any of it...lamest pday ever.

Oh by the way I found a nativity and bought it, it was like $30 dollars. its ok, I love it b/c its filipino :)

We have interviews next week. Im excited, Im gonna ask him about extending, did you call BYU yet? I cant go back until at least probably May, so you gotta let them know.

Love you all!!! Believe in miracles, especially for your family mom....one day they’ll understand I’ve been praying for them a lot and fasting. By the way tell elder. pasi's mom he’s great, hell love Bohol. I’m with him now, always smiling. We’re both laughing at you two worry warts..haha.

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